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“I was in mortal danger”: today, Peer Kusmagk “no longer describes himself as an alcoholic”

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Peer Kusmagk went through hell because of his alcohol addiction. Today, the actor couldn’t be happier – with his self-determined addiction-free life.

More than six years ago, Peer Kusmagk, 47, was in “acute life danger” because of his alcohol addiction, as he described in the GALA interview in 2021. As a restaurateur, he “drank around 600 euros a month”, according to the former GZSZ actor and presenter of “Sat.1 breakfast television”. It was “two to three bottles of wine” a day.

At 40, change has come. Peer went to rehab, started long-term withdrawal. “I had to wean myself off my addictive nature so as not to drown all my feelings in alcohol,” he explained. His wife Janni Kusmagk, 31, also helped him and even quit drinking alcohol herself.

Today, Kusmagk “would no longer describe himself as an alcoholic”, as he clarified in an interview with “Bild”.

Peer Kusmagk: “I’ve never been happier than now without alcohol”

Since December 2021, Peer Kusmagk has been living in a finca on the Balearic island of Mallorca with Janni and their three children Emil-Ocean, 4, Yoko, 2, and Baby Merlin, 10 months. Back then, before selling his once successful restaurant “La Raclette” in 2017, Peer was numbing his feelings with alcohol, even at events.

Today, the former TV face attends to the concerns of others as a coach and passes on the knowledge he’s learned on how to live a happy, self-determined life with the help of a program. “I have never been happier than now without alcohol,” he describes his life away from “Bild” addiction. A big advantage for him: “If I was at an event in the evening, I still remember everything the next morning.”

Today, when Peer Kusmagk goes to parties or events, he has a clear strategy: “I got used to the fact that from a certain point I don’t understand people anymore. Then I go home my house.” He doesn’t want to convert the others: “Everyone should drink as much as they want, but I don’t need alcohol anymore.”

“I don’t like the term ‘dry'”

The former star of GZSZ then had a wish: to become a sports father. He could only do this without the alcohol in his life, as he clarified in the GALA 2021 interview. In the rehab clinic, Kusmagk learned what pain triggered his addiction and overcame trauma.

However, he couldn’t do anything with Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, “where you get up and say, ‘I’m a peer and I’m an alcoholic.'” “I don’t like the term ‘dry’ either,” he said in an interview with “Bild”. Peer Kusmagk no longer believes in a relapse and even goes so far as to describe himself “more as an alcoholic [zu] nominate because I […] got into a new habit”. What a great achievement!

Information about help offers

Do you see signs of addiction in yourself? The German Head Office for Addiction Problems will help you further. 02381/9015-0. You can also find other professional and specialized consulting services on the DHS Information Pages.

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Source www.gala.de

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