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“I think a lot of my father”

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Lucas Cordalis
“I think a lot of my father”

Lucas Cordalis has been successful in the music world for 25 years.

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In 2019, Lucas Cordalis had to say goodbye to his father Costa Cordalis. In one place in particular, his spirit is still “omnipresent”.

Lucas Cordalis (54) first hit the stage in 1997, and 25 years later the son of hit legend Costa Cordalis (1944-2019) is still enjoying success in the music world. Lucas Cordalis, his new album, will be released on July 22. It contains a song that the 54-year-old dedicated to his late father.

Lucas Cordalis still thinks of him very often. “I would very much like to talk to him about current affairs”, explains the husband of Daniela Katzenberger (35) in an interview with the press agency spot on news. Furthermore, the musician talks about the musical ambitions of his daughter Sophia (6), the secret of her working marriage and reveals whether the family living in Mallorca will ever move to Germany again.

You went on stage for the first time 25 years ago. What does birthday mean to you? Did you think at the time that you would stay in business this long?

Lucas Cordalis: Usually, I’m not a big fan of birthdays, even if 25 years is a considerable number. There’s also something wonderful associated with it: celebrating 25 years of happy times with the public. It means a lot to me. Being able to stay in the music business for so long is a blessing, I know. But you shouldn’t live with too many doubts either, you should always start the new day positively. As long as it makes me happy, me and of course the fans, it will continue.

You dedicated the song “Promis que ça continue” to your late father. Do you still think about him often?

Cordalis: Yes, I think a lot of my father. My recording studio is at my parents’ house and I visit my mother almost every day. His spirit is of course still omnipresent there. I also miss him a lot at my shows.

Is there anything you wish you had said to your father?

Cordalis: Luckily, my father and I were able to discuss all of life’s important issues while we were still alive. Of course, I also told him that I loved him and vice versa, which is actually the most important thing. I would love to talk to him about current issues because he has always seen things from a very particular point of view thanks to his balanced and wise manner. I would be very interested to know how he assesses current events.

Being the son of a famous singer hasn’t always been easy for you, has it?

Cordalis: Who always has it easy? I think growing up is always difficult and everyone has their own experiences. Big trees cast big shadows, that’s for sure. And being compared might bother some people too. However, I was always full of pride and because of that I always felt very happy.

On your new album “Lucas Cordalis” you can also hear a duet with your wife Daniela Katzenberger. How much persuasion did that take?

Cordalis: Actually, I promised my wife once in the past that we wouldn’t perform together again. However, it was of course very important to me, since I’m such a family man, that my wife could also be heard on the album. It just means a lot to me. The song also became the title track of our joint documentary on RTLzwei. That’s why it makes sense to include it on the album. I also really enjoyed singing with her. I hope that you too. But I think so.

You also dedicated a song to your wife with “Daniela”. How did you react when you first heard it?

Cordalis: I think that after eight years, it was absolutely time to make a musical declaration of love to my wife. Of course, she was incredibly happy about it.

Does your daughter Sophia also have singing ambitions?

Cordalis: My little girl Sophia wants to be a mermaid right now. On the other hand, she also likes to practice dances and sing her songs from morning to night. You can tell she has talent. However, I will of course never push them. If at some point she wants to do it of her own free will, I will support her.

How do you and Daniela manage to reconcile private and professional life?

Cordalis: It’s not easy for us to separate professional and private life because there are fluid transitions. We are shooting a documentary in which everything we show is very private.

What is the secret of your love? How do you keep the relationship fresh?

Cordalis: I think the secret is to give the other the freedom they need and of course to allow everything. Luckily for us, that is absolutely the case. We support each other 100%. If my wife needs a day off, I accept it, it’s the same the other way around.

You and your wife keep talking about going back to Germany. Why do you hesitate to leave the island of Majorca? Don’t feel comfortable in Germany?

Cordalis: Of course, Germany is also my homeland. I was born here and grew up. However, it is true that I feel very comfortable in Mallorca. I know we can live there undisturbed and our daughter can grow up relatively unnoticed. Unfortunately, this would not be possible in Germany. I am also happy that she is learning several languages. However, it cannot be ruled out that we will return to Germany in some time.


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