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“I do not admit my guilt”: anti-war woman fined after protest – politics

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Journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, who caused a stir Monday night with a protest action during a Russian television news program, has been fined and released for the time being. A Moscow court sentenced her on Tuesday to pay 30,000 rubles (about 250 euros).

However, Ovzyannikova was not tried on Tuesday for her appearance during the television program, but for the video she had previously recorded in which she requested “participation in uncoordinated public events”, which is considered a misdemeanor.

The judicial process for her television protest is yet to come, so it is not clear whether the journalist will be brought before a criminal or administrative court.

“I do not admit my guilt,” Ovzyannikova said in the courtroom, a journalist told AFP. “I am convinced that Russia is committing a crime,” she said. Russia is “the aggressor in Ukraine,” she added.

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On Monday night, journalist Ovsyannikova caused a break in the main evening news program on Russian state television. She suddenly appeared behind news anchor Ekaterina Andreyeva during Pervy Kanal’s “Vremya” program and held a banner with the inscription “Stop the war.” Don’t believe the propaganda. They are going to lie to you here, ”she said on camera.

The protester, herself an employee of the station, also shouted “Stop the war!” before the live broadcast was cut off and a report on the hospitals aired.

Perwy Kanal (German: Ester Kanal) is the main television channel in the country. The news program “Wremja” has been broadcast at 9 pm for decades and is comparable to broadcast news.

TV channel announces internal review

The excerpt from the video spread immediately on social networks. Above all, the Russian opponents praised the woman for her bravery.

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