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Hundreds of flights canceled due to warning strikes by security personnel

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Hundreds of flights were canceled on Monday due to warning strikes by security staff at six German airports. Tens of thousands of passengers are affected, the German Airports Task Force (ADV) announced on Monday. Consequently, airlines had to cancel “a high number of triple-digit flight connections” due to the strike. There will also be a strike on Tuesday.

The Verdi services union has called warning strikes at the airports in Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Berlin, Leipzig and Bremen. Monday strikes should last until 10 pm or midnight, depending on the location. All-day warning strikes are planned for Tuesday at the airports in Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe.

Turnout in the strike is high, Verdi’s negotiator Wolfgang Pieper told the AFP news agency. “Participating in the strike just shows that people support the demands.”

Collective bargaining between Verdi and the Federal Association of Aviation Safety Companies (BDLS) over more wages for some 25,000 employees will continue on Wednesday. Among other things, the union is demanding a salary increase of at least one euro per hour for a period of twelve months. In addition, he wants to ensure that the different regional salaries are adjusted “to the highest salary level.”

ADV general manager Ralph Beisel criticized the strikes as “disproportionate and exaggerated”. He called on the social partners to clarify the points in dispute at the negotiating table. “I have absolutely no understanding that Verdi is carrying out the strikes on the backs of travelers, airlines and airports,” Beisel explained. Many airports are still affected by high losses during the corona pandemic.


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