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Human Rights Organization ‘verified protesters’ use of weapons and Molotov cocktails’

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The international human rights organizationvia social media, said the agency verified the use of firearms, Molotov cocktails and knives, by protesters in Ecuador.

In addition, he points out that the demonstrations “take a course other than that of peaceful struggle and the claim of collective rights”, as the leaders of these protests have argued.

“It should be clarified that these events do not correspond to 100% of the protesters in Ecuador, they are specific and isolated cases, which must be investigated by the prosecution and the national police,” they said. .

This is why the International Human Rights Organization has called on Leonidas Iza to “dialogue and respect for the human rights of THOSE WHO DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE PROTESTS”. According to the agency, “violence and acts of vandalism are not a sign of a desire to find a way out of the crisis in Ecuador”.

Human rights officials have also been attacked during protests

In addition, the Human Rights Organization itself has been affected by the situation. Four of its officials were physically abused, robbed and attempted to detain them illegally as they conducted investigations and verifications of the protests.

“After an emergency meeting, @HRI_ONG has determined the immediate withdrawal of its 4 officials in Ecuador, after they were victims of physical violence, robbery and attempted to illegally detain them.”

In view of this, they have indicated that they will continue to work for Ecuador abroad and in the next few hours digital channels will be activated that will allow permanent contact with the civilian population and the Ecuadorian authorities.

Source metroecuador.com

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