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Huangshan fascinates guests at ITB Berlin 2022

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BERLIN, March 14, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Huangshan captures the imagination of guests at 2022 ITB Berlin, the world’s largest travel industry trade show. This year’s Berlin Virtual ITB, which took place from March 8-10, saw experts and industry representatives from around the world explore and discuss digital, resilient and responsible solutions for the global travel industry.

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Huangshan Wows Guests at ITB Berlin 2022 (Graphic: Business Wire)

As part of this event, Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (Huangshan Tourism) held a press conference and multimedia presentation to showcase Huangshan’s many attractions, including its excellent location, unique scenery, rich cultural heritage and well-developed infrastructure. developed to support local tourism.

The presentation included six highlights that make Huangshan look so attractive as a tourist destination.

“Huangshan Travel” showcased its access to a transportation network that connects major transportation hubs in China. “The Beauty of Huangshan” featured Huangshan’s spectacular scenery, its mountainous landscapes and distinctive pine trees all the way to nearby Taiping Lake. “Huangshan Food” gave an impression of the local cuisine of Huizhou, one of the eight largest cuisines in China. “Accommodation in Huangshan” (Accommodation in Huangshan) gave an overview of the high international level of tourist accommodation. “Huangshan Gifts” gave an insight into unique local gifts. Finally, “Culture in Huangshan” introduced the audience to the rich variety of cultural and creative products showcasing the region’s crafts, heritage and traditions embodied.

The immersive format of the event and the visual representations of the Huangshan Mountains and their surroundings left a strong visual impact on the audience and sparked interest in Huangshan as a world-class tourism destination that represents the best of China’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. .

About Huangshan Tourism

Huangshan Tourism is one of the leading publicly traded Chinese tourism companies. It covers a wide range of businesses in the Mount Huang Scenic Area of ​​Anhui Province, China, from scenic spots and hotels to retail stores, catering establishments, travel agencies, rural tour operators and other services.

Huangshan Tourism strives to tell the story of Huangshan and Huizhou culture and promote the region as a top destination for domestic and international tourists. The company carries out extensive international information and promotional activities and has more than 150,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On New Year’s Day and during this year’s Spring Festival, Huangshan Tourism once again captured the attention of the global public with its activities in New York’s Times Square and London’s Trafalgar Square.

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