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How to stop them from monitoring your activities on WhatsApp

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MADRID, June 25th. (Portaltic/EP) –

Whatsapp is an application that facilitates communication, although some people end up abusing features like the last connection time or the status update, leading to uncomfortable or even annoying situationswhich the company is attempting to undo with its latest changes.

The messaging app recently rolled out new privacy controls that allow users to customize it to protect their information in features like last connection, information and profile picture or status.

The company already allows, on both Android and iOS, to manage the privacy level of these four functions. Thus, the user can decide that they are open to all”so that all users of the “App” can see this information, or to ‘Nobody’which prevents it from being fully visible.

In between there are two other possibilities: On the one hand ‘My contacts’, which means that only the contacts stored in the phone book can see the information of the last contact with the user, his profile picture, the information area and status updates. for each other, ‘My contacts, except…’thereby blocking certain saved contacts from accessing this information.

You can find which option is preferred in the ‘Settings’in which Privacy Policy Section.where you just have to go into each function to set the level of privacy you want.

However, it is necessary to make a nuance. When the user is connected Other users can still see if you are “online” or “writing” a message. at the time a feature that had no privacy controls.

On the other hand, read receiptsknown as blue ticks By changing this color when the recipient has received the message and opened the chat for reading, you also have privacy options

In particular, this is possible in the same privacy section within the settings enable or disable read receipts. The company warns that if they are disabled, other people won’t be able to see the blue ticks, but the user himself won’t see anyone else’s either.

With these settings it is possible to avoid situations where a person insists that we reply to a message because He saw that we connected and we didn’t text him, or if someone Monitor the times we connect to WhatsAppto name just a few examples.

Source europapress.es

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