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How to properly clean Airbuds

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It didn’t take long for wireless headphones to become ubiquitous, with Apple first launching wireless Airbuds in September 2016, which are now one of the best options we use to listen to music, podcasts, and streaming services on our phones and tablets.

And due to frequent use, wireless headphones can get dirty quickly as they come into contact with earwax, oil, and skin cells, so it’s important to know the best way to clean them.

How to clean wireless headphones
The cleaning process varies depending on the type of earbuds, as there are wireless earbuds that contain removable silicone or plastic parts, like the Galaxy Buds, while many other types come with a single compact body, like the original Apple Air Buds.

The main difference is that detachable tips are easier to clean thoroughly. They are also replaceable and replacement tips often come in the box. You can also use soapy water or other mild cleaning products with caution, so as not to damage the electrical parts of the headphones.

Experts advise cleaning the earpads and removable parts with a microfiber cloth, and Apple says you can use “wipes containing 70% isopropyl alcohol, or those containing 75% ethyl alcohol” to clean the exterior of your wireless earbuds. , but they don’t. It is recommended not to use wet wipes on the speaker grill parts of AirPods.

Remove the tips and gently clean the inside of each speaker with a cotton swab or toothpick if you need something thinner. If there is debris stuck, use a metal ring on the end of the earphone cleaning tool, but be careful that the tool does not scratch any part of the earphones. The scrubber also has a brush on the other end to remove dirt. Finally clean the sides of the ends with a slightly damp cloth.

The AirPods Pro tips have a fine mesh membrane, which makes them easier to clean, but they’re also fragile. Apple recommends rinsing these tips with water, adding that soap or other cleaning products should not be used on them.

Apple also recommends using a dry cotton swab or cloth for the microphone and speaker grill parts on AirPods, the InGadget website reported.

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