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Weight Loss : How to Lose Weight , What is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight , how to lose weight when you can’t exercise

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What is Weight Loss

Weight loss means is the reduction and compression of the total body mass, according to physical fitness, medicine, and health terms. That includes loss of body fat mass body fluid muscle-tendon deposits and other tissue of the body. Weight loss can happen without your intention due to any disease malnourishment or in an effort to perceive obesity or overweight stat.

If you lose weight without exercise and a reduction in the calorific intake it can be a symptom of severe disease and medical health condition. This condition is also called cachexia in this condition you lose weight fast  While losing weight intentionally is called slimming. quick weight loss can be harmful you should search and look for the best way to lose weight 

There are many fastest ways to lose weight and you will find a lot of posts on weight loss tips and  fast weight loss Some of them show their selves pro and tell you things such as 

How to lose weight

if you really want o to lose weight you have to change your lifestyle, keep yourself active and follow the diet plan strictly. if you are living in an apartment. use stairs instead of the lift.

How to lose weight fast

Never try to lose weight fastly because it can cause different kinds of health conditions. always use a slow a steady way to reduce weight.

How to lose weight quickly

There are many programs available on the internet that claim you can reduce weight very fastly and quickly. but most of them are the same you have to do work hard to lose weight healthily.

some of the other same questions are:

  • how to lose fat
  • how to lose weight fast without exercise
  • best weight loss program
  • fasting to lose weight
  • best diet to lose weight
  • best ways to lose weight
  • how to loose weight
  • how can i lose weight
  • how to lose weight without exercising
  • how to lose weight without exercise
  • how to lose weight naturally
  • how can i lose weight fast
  • how to loose weight fast
  • how to lose weight in a day
  • what is the best way to lose weight

The internet is filled with this kind of content but no one tells you the real answer to these questions, most of them are selling their products or selling their plans of diet an ebook or any other thing related to money. So they only see their profit and did not answer the questions such as 

  • what do you have to lose
  • how to start losing weight
  • how much should I eat to lose weight
  • how to reduce weight
  • how fast can you lose weight
  • how long to lose weight
  • how to lose
  • how to drop weight fast
  • how do you lose weight
  • how to slim down
  • what is the fastest way to lose weight
  • how to lose weight fast and easy
  • what foods to eat to lose weight
  • how to lose weight in 4 days
  • how to lose weight wikihow
  • how to eat to lose weight
  • how to lose weight really fast
  • how to quickly lose weight
  • how to reduce weight fastest
  • how to lose weight healthy
  • In this article, we will try to answer all of your questions related to weight loss and give you a real solution for weight loss that will work for you and show good results.

Types of Weight Loss

As mention above there are two types of weight loss

  1. Intentional weight loss = Sliming
  2. Unintentional weight loss = cachexia 

Here we will only discuss intentional weight loss and weight loss process and methods

Intentional Weight Loss

Reduction in total body mass as a result of efforts to improve health, fitness, and changes in your appearance is called intentional weight lose. Weight loss is a treatment of overweight condition or obesity

It also helps to prevent prediabetes to type 2 diabetes and manage cardiovascular heath. Weight loos reduces many health risks in individuals delay the onset of diabetes and increase fitness.

Weight loss also help to control hypertension or high blood pressure. It reduces pain and increases the movement of the knee in people with osteoarthritis.

If you want permanent weight lose your changes in lifestyle and diet should be permanent. Alone exercise did not bring too much change in your weight loss. While dieting alone has shown meaningful results in weight loss. Orlistat, a very low-calorie diet, and meal replacement have shown meaningful full results in weight loss techniques.

What is the Technique for Weight Loss

If you need help to lose weight then you are in the right place, the most often recommended and least intrusive weight loss methods are simply managing physical activity like exercise and eating patterns. The world health organization recommends weight loss by high saturated fat foods. That is also called ketosis or the ketogenic weight loss process.

According to study people who manage their calorie intake and do exercise daily get significant weight loss. The experts also recommended increasing fiber intake to regulate bowel movement.

Other methods are drugs and supplements to fasten the weight loss process decrease appetite reduce stomach volume or block fat absorption. If you have severe obesity then doctors recommend surgery such as bariatric surgery there are two common types of bariatric surgery 

  • Gastric banding 
  • Gastric bypass

Both surgeries reduce food intake by reducing the size of the stomach but there are many health risks associated with these surgeries. Dietary supplements are used widely to reduce weight but do not consider them a healthy option for weight loss, they are available but not too effective for long-term weight loss.

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