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3 Simple Steps to Lose weight Fast

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Losing weight fast is not good in some cases but if your doctor recommends then there are some ways to lose weight fast and safely. 

Mostly a steady weight loss of one to two pounds is recommended by doctors for the most better and effective long-term weight loss.

There are many plans that leave you feeling unsatisfied and hungry. That’s why people leave them just at the start, and it is very hard to stick with healthier eating plans.

But all of the diet plans did not have these effects. low calories, low carb, and whole food diet is effective for weight loss and very easy to follow them.

Here are some of the scientifically proven weight loss ways that employ potentially lower carbs, healthy eating with the aim of 

  • Fast weight loss
  • Reduce appetite
  • Improve overall health by improving the metabolic system of the body at the same time

1.Eat Vegetables Protein and Fat

Arrange your diet plan in a very systematic way, each of your meals should include.

  • Enough protein
  • Fat
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains to provide you complex carbohydrates

You can assemble your meals in these ways

  • Low-calorie diet plan
  • Low carb diet plan

Green Vegetables with Green Leafs

All your essential nutrients available in the vegetables so do not hesitate to include them in your diet. You can fill up your hunger without getting extra calories or carbs.

You can these vegetables in your low carb or low calories diet plan without fearing of nutrients deficit, such as

  • Cauliflower
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Kale
  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce
  • Swiss chard


Eat enough protein which is an essential ingredient for muscles and health. The protein will help to recover from hard workouts and prevent muscle mass loss during weight loss programs.

According to researchers eating enough protein can help to improve appetite, body weight, and cardiometabolic risk factors.

How much protein you need to be determined by many factors such as your age, health condition, gender, and others. You should take a determined amount without eating too much. Protein need differs from person to person, for a  normal average person

  • 46 to 75 grams per day for an average female
  • 56 to 91 grams per day for an average male

Diet plans with enough protein help you 

  • To reduce cravings up to 60 percent
  • Reduce the desire of snakes in the middle of meals
  • You will feel full by taking protein

You can get healthy proteins from

  • Eggs, the best form of protein source if taking it as whole
  • Meat, chicken, lamb, beef, mutton
  • Seafood, fish, salmon, shrimp, salmon
  • If you are a vegetarian you can add plant-based proteins, beans, quinoa, legumes, tempeh, tofu, nuts
  • You can use Whey protein as a good source of protein.

According to studies the people with a high protein diet ate fewer calories than other diets.

Add Fats

Do not be afraid all fats are not bad. Your body always needs healthy fats whatever eating plan you use. You can choose olive oil and Avocado oil for the best source of healthy fat in your eating plan

You can use coconut oil and butter as alternatives but not in much quantity use them in moderation because they contain high saturated content


Plan each of your meals that should contain a protein source, complex carbs, healthy fats, and vegetables as a source of minerals and vitamins.

2.Reduce Refined Carbs in Your Diet

Another way to lose weight fast and quickly is by reducing sugars and starches from your diet these are the main sources of carbohydrates.

You can replace these things with whole grains or a low-carb diet plan. 

When you do so you did not feel hungry too much and you eat fewer calories. With low carb plans, you burn stored fat for producing energy instead of carbohydrates.

If you decide to use whole grains with a calorie deficit, this diet will provide you with high fiber and take more time to digest which will make you more filling and feel satisfied.

According to studies, a low-carb diet has shown very good results in older people and has shown very good results in the fast weight loss process. 

Researchers also found that a low carb diet reduces appetite and because you eat fewer means you intake fewer calories without feeling hungry.

But keep in mind that the long-term effects of a low-carb diet are still undiscovered. Adhering to a low-carb diet is very difficult and you enter yo yo dieting and can not maintain a healthy weight with so much struggle.

There are many side effects associated with a low-carb diet that can affect you. Reducing calorie intake leads you to weight loss and you can easily maintain a healthy weight for a long time. 

If you use a diet plan containing whole grains instead of refined sugar or carbs, it will help you to lose weight fast. But you should consult your doctor for better recommendations.


You can curb your appetite by reducing sugars and starches from your diet because it will lower your insulin levels and you will reduce weight fastly. A reduced-calorie diet can be more durable.

3. Keep Your Body Moving 

You can fasten your weight loss process by adding some exercise. It will help you to lose weight faster and quickly. Lifting weights is more beneficial than doing cardio for better results and fast weight loss.

By hard strength exercise and weight lifting, you burn more calories and your metabolism will stay active which can happen due to losing weight.

You can add a pre-workout supplement or post-workout supplement for support 

Join a good gym and go there for exercise three to four times a week for weight lifting. Get the help of a trainer or professional if you are new at the gym, you should also inform your doctor about your exercise plan so he can suggest you better.

All exercises have their own benefits. Both weightlifting and cardio help to lose weight fast.


Weight lifting and other resistance training are a great option for fast weight loss. If your health condition did not allow you to do hard workouts you can do cardio that is also helpful. You can choose which is suitable for you.

How to control Calories and Portion

If you decide to go with a low carb diet plan, you should control your calories, as long as you keep your carb intake low stick with fat, protein, and low carb veg.

If you found these things helpful and you start losing weight keep yourself on the track to losing weight fast.

There are many calorie calculators available online so can stick with your calorie deficit to lose weight. To check your required calorie need you have to enter your sex, height weight, and activity levels. And the calculator will tell you about the calories amount you need.


Eating too few calories can cause dangerous side effects and be less effective to lose weight. Try to reduce your calories gradually. 


If you use a low-carb diet to lose weight, counting calories is not needed. But if this method is not working with you, you should reduce calorie intake and for this calorie counting is helpful.

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