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How to have a fashion-conscious wardrobe?

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The fashion changes constantly and not just in its trends, but in the way we consume and use it. Sustainability, respect for the environment and knowledge of those who create, produce and manufacture the clothes that fill our wardrobes are aspects that we must internalize and put into practice when buying fashion. To create a more conscious wardrobe, where the clothes we buy are of good quality, this is the first step in contributing to the care of the planet.

Our wardrobe is a reflection of our personality and consists of clothes that help us show who we are. This is why we often create sentimental ties with our clothes.

“Clothes are one of the first things we look at in everyone, each garment reflects who we are; hence the importance of learning to buy smarter and creating a more sustainable, practical and conscious wardrobe, without losing style. says Ana María Rossi, Design Manager of De Prati.

Designer De Prati also says the best way to create a sustainable wardrobe is to use versatile, easy-to-match, quality clothes, like basic pieces or clothes made from natural or recycled materials. In this way, a conscious fashion that favors the environment by reducing the use of resources will be guaranteed. Rossi shares some tips on how to have a fashion conscious wardrobe, which will provide benefits for both consumers and the environment:

Review your current wardrobe and put your clothes away neatly:

By doing a thorough check of the closet, you will be able to see all the clothes you have. When clothes are put away, we don’t usually look at how many clothes we have. By doing this we will realize that there are things that have not lasted long, clothes that we no longer like or have never been used and that you can sell or give away and finally select these clothes that can be reused. Selected clothes should be stored in an orderly manner. It is recommended to do it by colors and by type of garment, so that everything is at hand and makes people aware of what we have.

When shopping, choose quality clothing:

When buying, you need to choose good quality clothes. “When we go to buy and find what we are looking for, we have to check that they are good quality and durable pieces, that they correspond to our lifestyle and that they are combinable so that they can be used in different looks.”adds designer De Prati.

Prefer local fashion suppliers:

Buying conscious fashion not only means that it is environmentally friendly, but also that the community is quite involved in its processes. Promoting the national textile industry will increase the quality of Ecuadorian fashion, in addition to indirectly allowing you to support the local economy and the creation of more jobs. “Most of what we offer at De Prati comes from our own brands. These are developed by local talent and hand in hand with national suppliers with whom we work and whom we support in their growth. These garments have quality standards at the highest level, to be competitive in any market.Rossi points out.

Choose basic and conscious clothes at the same time:

There are certain pieces of clothing that, regardless of your style, personality or job, are essential in any wardrobe. This is the case of Denim or Jean pieces, which are the basis of countless outfits. In this case, for example, we recommend that you choose yours taking into account their quality, so that they last longer, and the process with which they were made. “At De Prati, as part of the Change initiative, we have denim garments that save water in the production process. This undoubtedly represents an essential change in the way we consume.“says the designer.

Discover the collections of sustainable brands:

It is important for the consumer to choose durable and environmentally friendly clothing. “De Prati is the first department store to take this step, for example, we have our fashion conscious “Change”, created by a team of in-house designers and Ecuadorian suppliers, who combine quality, design and responsibility. In its elaboration, natural fibers, organic or recycled textiles and ecological processes are used which converge in products loaded with environmental and social awareness. details Ana Maria Rossi. The designer indicates that currently conscious fashion clothes do not imply forgetting about fashion trends, but rather they are concepts that can be combined.

Source metroecuador.com

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