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How many goals did Sadio Mané have for the Senegal team?

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Sadio Mane, the English star of Liverpool, is considered one of the most prominent legends of Senegalese football throughout history, especially in the modern era.

Sadio Mane has achieved many achievements with the Liverpool team, most notably his contribution to winning the English Premier League title for the 2019-2020 season, after a 30-year absence.

Mane also achieved great achievements at the international level, including winning the 2022 African Cup of Nations, after losing in the final of the 2019 edition.

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However, how many goals has Mohamed Salah had for the Egyptian national team in various competitions? The answer is found in the following lines.

How many goals did Sadio Mané have with Senegal in the World Cup?

Mané did not participate with the Senegal team in the World Cup on one occasion, specifically in the 2018 edition, from which the ‘Lions of Teranga’ fired from the group stage.

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Mane featured in all three of Senegal’s team matches in the group stage, scoring a goal in a 2-2 draw with Japan.

How many goals did Sadio Mané have for Senegal in the World Cup qualifiers?

The World Cup qualifiers can be considered a separate tournament in itself, especially in Africa, which has the most difficult path to the World Cup.

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Sadio Mané scored 7 goals and did the same in 22 games in which he participated with Senegal only in the qualifiers.

How many goals did Sadio Mané have for Senegal in the African Cup of Nations?

Mane played with the Senegal team 4 copies of the African Cup of Nations, starting with the 2015 edition in which he did not participate, going through 2017 and 2019, and ending in 2022.

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During those tournaments, Mane played 18 games for the Senegal team, scoring 8 goals and providing 3 assists.

How many goals did Sadio Mané have for the Senegal team?

Apart from the official matches, Mané played 20 friendly matches with the Senegal team, in which he scored 5 goals and gave 4 assists.

Overall, Sadio Mane appeared for the Senegal team in 87 games, scoring 28 goals and providing 20 assists.

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