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How many breaks do you get in your workday? How much time?

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Two years of the pandemic have gone a long way in terms of the world of work: first, imposed teleworking, later, when the health situation allowed it, the return to face-to-face work, complete or combined with hybrid modalities. Throughout this period, we have not had to progressively adapt to the new circumstances.

The standardization of remote work blurred the limits of productive time and scanso. Even now, two years later, some may still find themselves juggling between what could not have been working hours, separated from leisure. For our mental health, limiting the times is necessary. For this reason, keep in mind that you have the right to a break during your working day, albeit brief, stipulated by the Workers’ Statute.

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You have the right to a rest period during your working day, regulated by the Workers’ Statute. Photo: Getty Creative.

Not all the hours that we are being paid for have to be devoted strictly to productive work. Even if you have to be active for a large part of your working day, there are certain rest periods to which you are entitled when a few hours have elapsed.

The rest a right recognized by the Workers’ Statute, regulated according to the different work circumstances, and whose objective is to guarantee a regulatory framework during which their need to have a little respite from activity and between shifts is respected. Thus, the Workers’ Statute establishes the times that must pass between each working day or the time that a person can take a break during said day. It even regulates special cases, which include minors of working age.

How much can I rest during my working day?

In all work shifts lasting more than six hours, You are entitled to a break of at least 15 minutes. But be careful, does this count as a day completed? Not in all cases. It will depend on the contract you have signed and the customs and conditions of your company. The law specifies that “effective working time will be considered when it is so established or is established by collective agreement or employment contract.”

Rest between days

The Workers’ Statute makes it clear: Between the end of one day and the beginning of the next, at least 12 hours must pass.. This aims to guarantee our rest and physical well-being, in addition to giving us enough time not only for that rest, but also to have a life beyond work, essential for our mental health.

In this text, it is also collected what should be the minimum rest that we must during the week, that is, the days off that usually coincide with the weekend. How much? youn day and a half uninterrupted “cumulative for periods of 14 days” and that it should include, “as a general rule”, the day on Sunday and the afternoon of Saturday or the morning of Monday.

All these conditions are even stricter when we refer to minors, with longer rest times – with 30 minutes of break when the day exceeds 4 hours and with two days a week of mandatory rest.

About remembering the importance of rest and disconnection for our mental health. We must educate our customs and always respect the rest period. That, in addition, will allow us to be more productive when we have to be. You have to separate and live beyond the screens.

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