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‘How low has fallen’ criticizes Amber Heard after being caught shopping for clothes on sale

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After Amber Heard lost the lawsuit against Johnny Depp and had to pay the sum of 15 million dollars, It looks like the famous coupe in its luxury.

We learned that Amber had bought a mansion for 1 million dollars in the city of Joshua Tree in Californiaknown to be an area “hippie-chic”.

However, after losing his mind, her lawyer assured that Amber had no money to pay Johnny Depp, and now the famous has been seen reducing her luxuries, revealing that his life is no longer the same.

They capture Amber Heard looking for clothes on sale

TMZ posted a video of Amber Heard gone viral on the networks, in which we see it in a low cost store.

In the video you can see the protagonist of Aquaman at the TJ Maxx store, located in Bridgehampton, New York, and is characterized by its low-cost products, looking for clothes in offers and sales.

The actress was with her sister Whitney, and they are seen talking about pants and clothes, until they realize they have been taped and Amber has run away from the place.

This shocked the networks, and users were quick to criticize it.

“How low Amber fell, it’s embarrassing”, “he who hurts hurts, karma exists Amber”, “that’s how I wanted to see her dragged and poor, and that she still does not pay Johnny”, “Hasn’t her little acting helped her continue living a life as a diva”, and “It’s Amber, humility and zero luxury”, were some of the reactions on the networks.

The jury explains why Amber Heard lost the lawsuit against Johnny Depp

There are days one of the jurors in Johnny and Amber’s trial broke their silence, and explained what they thought of the attitude of the protagonist of Aquaman, and how this process was for them.

The male member of the jury, who preferred to remain anonymous, revealed to the media Just Jared What amber understood he made them uncomfortable with his attitude and assured them that for them it was all just an act.

“Much of her story didn’t add up…the majority of the jury found she was the perpetrator.” The tears, the facial expressions he had, his gaze fixed on the jury. We were all very uncomfortable.” the source said.

Additionally, he noted that he was amazing how their expressions changed from moment to moment.

“She was answering a question and she was crying and two seconds later she was freezing. Some of us use the phrase ‘crocodile tears’.” said.

Source metroecuador.com

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