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How heart patients make your trip safe

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Duisburg (dpa / tmn) – see something of the world – despite heart failure? In many cases this is possible. However, patients should prepare well for their vacation. Ilse Janicke, Senior Physician at the Duisburg Heart Center, lists six points to keep in mind:

– Heart patients are fit to travel if their symptoms have not changed in the last four weeks. “The patient must be able to climb 50 meters on the level or ten to twelve steps without assistance,” says Janicke.

– It is advisable to have a cardiological check-up four to six weeks before the trip. In this way, the state of health can be evaluated. In addition, there is time to take the necessary measures. This may mean requesting assistance at the airport or preparing an additional oxygen supply during the flight.

– If you go to the mountains, patience is required: If people with heart disease want to spend their time there actively, for example on the ski slopes or hiking, they should plan three or four days in advance to acclimatize to the altitude . Only then can they truly challenge their bodies.

– Many heart medications make the skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays. Therefore, those affected should think about strong sun protection, a sun protection factor greater than 30 is recommended.

– Heart patients should also drink enough. Because: Many heart medications have a draining effect. If there is also travel diarrhea or strong heat at the holiday destination, the body quickly dehydrates, which can be dangerous.

– Each holiday brings its own challenges, because the weather, local medical care, and travel time can vary greatly depending on the destination. To develop an individual plan, Janicke recommends a travel medical exam and travel advice.

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