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How do you take care of wild flowers after picking them?

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With the arrival of spring, many flowers grow in gardens, orchards and forests, and many people may want to collect these flowers to decorate their homes and gardens. However, caring for these flowers can be difficult for some, so knowing how to properly care for wildflowers is necessary.

Here’s how to keep wildflowers longer, according to the Metro website:

time to pick flowers

The time you choose to pick your flowers can actually have an effect on how long your flowers last, so the sooner you pick them, the better.
“Try to get the flowers early in the morning,” says horticulturist Kendall Platt. “This is the time when the flowers fill with water and dew after temperatures drop overnight and before the sun begins to shine on them.

Cut flowers from the right place

Kendall recommends cutting flower stems above the bud, or where the leaf meets the stem, this helps get enough water to stay fresh and vibrant when placed in a container filled with water.

flower feeding

Before you fix them, you need to make sure your flowers are fed. Cut back flower stems at a 45-degree angle to help absorb water.
“Once cut, submerge the flower in a clean bucket of warm water and leave it in a cool spot out of direct sunlight for at least two hours of water,” says Kendall.

flower arrangement

After feeding them water, the flowers are ready to be arranged, and Kendall advises preparing a vase or even an empty catamaran filled with warm water along with some flower food. She chooses the flowers, arranges them and cuts them at a 45 degree angle to match the vase. This ensures that the flowers absorb water even when their stems reach the bottom of the vase.


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