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How do you know if your company has registered you with Social Security?

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When you start working in a new company, it may not be clear at first if, with all the procedures you have done, your registration with Social Security has been formalized. The difficulty of contact, in all cases, with those responsible for the employer, or the impossibility of acquiring a social security certificate, do not facilitate the resolution of the contract with this unknown.

No fruit, you should know that it is a simple procedure that you can do online on the website of the Social Security Electronic Office.

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How do you know if your company has registered you with Social Security? Photo: Getty Creative

What is needed and how to do it?

To carry out the procedure purely online, all you need is your digital certificate or the [email protected] PIN. The first thing you have to do is enter the Social Security Electronic Office website, which is sede.seg-social.gob.es. Once inside, you have to enter the section Reports and Certificates that appears when you click on the Citizens tab. Here you will find a long list to search for the Worker Current Status Report.

Then, it opens under a Direct access to procedures window and there you choose the method to verify your identity and thus be able to access your data, such as the electronic certificate or the [email protected] PIN. When you click on one, the browser will take you to the procedure or open a window to confirm the certificate you want to use. In the document you will find all your personal data and your situation at the bottom. The most important thing is to look at the column called Situation, since it is where you will be told if you are registered or not, and to the right you will see the date from which you are.


In addition, we can also receive this report by SMS, for which the DNI or NIE, the date of birth and the mobile phone number will be requested. It is the simplest and least cumbersome method. We are sent a text message with a single-use key made up of six figures that must be entered on the web. This is the same double identification system used in most banking operations.

Who must communicate the registration in the Social Security

The person who is in charge of a company must manage registrations with Social Security. If the company does not comply with this obligation, the worker may go directly to the General Treasury of the Social Security to carry out the management. In the event that neither the company nor the worker complies with their obligations and, therefore, do not communicate these changes in their work situations, they will be made ex officio by the Provincial Directorate of the General Treasury of the Social Security or the Administration. The effects of increases, decreases or variations in the data when they occur in the latter way, will begin on the date the breach was seen.

If this situation occurs, the worker is faced with a Lack of protection of their labor rights, such as unemployment benefit, temporary disability, retirement, severance pay, etc. since the period that the worker is not registered does not compute. It is decided, if you work without being registered with Social Security, you enter an unfavorable situation. You always have the option of demonstrating the employment relationship with the contract or through videos, recordings, witnesses, any other means of proof or complaint to the Labor Inspectorate.

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