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How do you know if a friendship is over?

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Sometimes you realize that a friendship is on the brink because it brings us nothing new and, instead of being a source of satisfaction and joy, it hurts us as if we were wearing chains of lead.

Other times we don’t feel shared in our love and that causes us a lot of pain..

According to magazine content positive psychologyThe ways to tell if a friendship is no longer worth it are:

A good way is to compare what has been given and what has been received

You should never ask for anything in exchange for friendship, but when the scales tilt massively to one side, sooner or later the situation will explode.

Seek advice if you have any doubts about whether you have misjudged a situation

Ask someone who knows both sides well what their opinion is. Explain your reasons and ask for the most objective and unbiased judgment possible.

Communicate your discomfort to this friend

A confrontation can resolve the situation by giving the other a chance to show how they feel.

Translate your feelings into situations

Before making a decision, transform your feelings into concrete and weighty situations that justify it. If there is no correlation between one thing and another, you may be judging that person unfairly and you should rethink the question.

give him time

Just as it happens in couple relationships, in friendship it is also necessary “release”leave the other person alone and stop insisting that they show interest in you.

So give the other the opportunity to miss you and feel the need to express their love for you, without begging them..

Source metroecuador.com

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