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Homicides up 83% and rioting up 47% in Madrid in the first half of the year

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Homicides increased by 83% and rioting by 47% in Madrid in the first half of the year, said government delegate Mercedes González in the press conference after the Executive and Local Security Council of the City of Madrid, shared with the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida.

González has entered the press with a positive number when comparing the first half of 2019 with that of 2022, both “normal” exercises, with 4% fewer crimes -125,832 versus 120,919, almost 5,000 fewer – – while the number of inmates increased by 25.37% despite fewer crimes. This shows the increase in police effectiveness, emphasized the government delegate.

Regarding homicides, González has noted that the number of homicides has increased by 83% compared to 2019 – there were 6 homicides recorded in 2019 compared to 11 recorded in 2022, all resolved -.

Assault offenses are up almost 26% and arrests are up 36%, while rioting is up 47.62% and arrests are up more than 50%. “There are signs of more aggressiveness in our society,” emphasized the government delegate.


Home burglaries are down 11.59%, with 300 fewer robberies this semester — 50 fewer a month, nearly two fewer a day — and arrests are up more than 16%. Shoplifting has decreased by almost 50 percent. It has thus fallen from almost 2,000 (1,833) in 2019 to less than a thousand (917) in this first semester.

Robberies involving violence and intimidation have been reduced by 15%, nearly 800 fewer this semester, 126 fewer each month, and the number of people incarcerated has increased by more than 37%.

Vehicle theft has decreased by almost 7% (6.80) and the number of detainees has increased (+3.53%), while vehicle theft has increased by 1.81% (more than 132) and the number of detained have increased by 19%.

Theft and squatting fall

Thefts have fallen by more than 12% (1,269 fewer in the half-year, 212 fewer per month), stressed the government delegate in Madrid, who also focused on the fact that squatting has fallen by almost 80% (79.80%). , down nearly a thousand in this first half of the year.

In total there were 1,251 in 2019, compared to 253 in those first six months of 2022, with about 40 squats per month across Madrid, according to National Police data. This affects starts, which have increased from 92 to 33 and restored homes from 880 (2019) to 42 (2022).

Regarding drug housing, between January and June 2022, the National Police increased the number of operations in these houses and slums dedicated to drug trafficking, with the result that 125 people were arrested. A total of 75 operations were carried out, 31 in Usera-Villaverde, 14 in Centro, 7 in San Blas-Vicálvaro, 5 in Puente de Vallecas and the rest in other districts of the capital.

The government delegation also acts in the Cañada Real Galiana with two types of devices: one for prevention with more than 22,070 identified, 983 drug records and 181 weapons; and another response, with investigations coordinated with prosecutors and courts resulting in 634 detainees and 8,800 vehicles checked.


Mercedes González highlighted the uneventful development of the NATO summit and Pride. During the summit, the National Police identified 4,985 people, set up 45 static control devices and performed more than 5,626 services.

Of the Pride celebrations, González reported that during the ten days that the celebrations lasted, crime levels all decreased. Specifically, theft fell by 49.35%, injuries by 45.45%, administrative offenses by 41.23%, serious crimes by 19% and criminal offenses by 34.29%.

Source europapress.es

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