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Hollywood stars accused of hypocrisy over Oscars gift bags

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Twitter users have accused Hollywood stars of hypocrisy for accepting $140,000 worth of Oscars gift bags while continuing to preach about the devastating war in Ukraine, with critics saying the prize money could be better spent on humanitarian aid. for refugees.
Social media users were outraged by the huge sums of money that were doled out to Oscar nominees at Sunday night’s gala. Many suggested that it would be better to give this money to charity or help the millions of refugees fleeing Ukraine.

And the nominees will take home a rich bag of prizes, even if they fail to win an Oscar. But to many online, the award reeked of hypocrisy as the stars themselves spoke out in support of Ukraine.

“The money should have gone to help the Ukraine crisis,” user Betsy Mullen wrote on Twitter. “Very upset with the list of items in the gift bag for this year’s Oscar nominees,” said Shaun Cummings. .

The gifts range from high-end snacks to land in Scotland, and several five-figure gifts, including a $25,000 project from a construction company, $15,600 in four-night accommodation for two at a luxury resort, and $15,000 for everything. included. wellness retreat $3 for three days and a $12,000 arm sculpting session. And $10,000 in sessions for a skin treatment like Botox.

“I know it’s nothing new that there is such a staggering distribution of wealth in the world, but there is a disgusting contradiction in giving candidates $140,000 gift bags,” wrote Matt Pepes on Twitter.

Some suggested that candidates not accept at least $100,000 in bagged gifts and ask to donate the gifts or their cash value to a charity that helps homeless people and refugees in Ukraine.


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