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Holidays from August 10: How does it work and how much do they have to pay me if I work?

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The feast of August 10 is approaching, which corresponds to the First Cry of Independence. As it falls on Wednesday, it is moved to Friday August 12 to comply with the provisions of the organic law of the public service (LOSEP). When rest days fall on a Wednesday, they will be moved to Friday of the same week.

three days off

This means that there will be three rest days: Friday 12, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August.

How much should they pay you if you work that day?

According to the article 55 of the Labor Code refers to overtime and overtime pay. Number 4 establishes that the person who works on rest days, such as Saturday and Sunday, must be paid with a 100% supplement, because it is of an extraordinary nature.

“4. Work to be carried out on Saturday or Sunday must be paid for with a one hundred percent increase. Simply put, every hour worked on a rest day is paid double.

Is it recoverable?

This mandatory break is not recoverable. Well, it is due to a civic date according to the Reform of the Organic Law of the Public Service and the Labor Code.

August 10, 1809

August 10, 1809 was a transcendental milestone in the independence process of present-day Latin America and Quito’s legacy to future generations.

A vacation that would be missed

  • The independence of Guayaquil: Fall Sunday October 9 will be moved to Monday October 10.
  • The day of the Dead: Falls from Wednesday 2 move to Friday November 4.
  • Independence of Cuenca: It will remain on Thursday 3 to join Friday 4 November and will be a public holiday over four days: from Thursday 3 to Sunday 6 November.
  • Christmas: Falls from Sunday 25 will be moved to Monday 26 December.

Source metroecuador.com

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