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“His outfit failed him, what a pity”, JLo’s clothing breaks in the middle of a concert and the networks do not forgive him

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Jennifer Lopez She is one of the most successful singers and actresses of all time, out to break stereotypes and show that women can achieve anything.

Fame is characterized by its tight and bold outfits, especially when it comes to a presentation.

Since see-through jumpsuits with sequins, even bodysuits with tights Here are some of the clothes that the famous wears in her fashion shows to move with ease and sensuality.

However, on some occasions, they may play a trick on him, as happened recently and everything was recorded.

Jennifer Lopez’s clothing breaks in full presentation

jlo played in Qatar this week, and as he danced in a tight black jumpsuit with silver sequins down the center and long sleeves, the garment ripped.

In a video circulating in the networks we see that the the jumpsuit is torn in the back, and we observe her dancing very sexy, without knowing anything.

However, the networks did not forgive her and attacked and criticized her for this incident.

“Her jumpsuit broke what a shame”, “OMG her butt is so big it broke the jumpsuit”, “her outfit failed her back…it’s broken”, “ok she super sexy dancing and the jumpsuit is broken behind, how awful”, and “I think someone is going to get fired today”, were some of the cruel comments on the networks.

It’s something that could happen to anyone, and we should be more empathetic, but the worst thing is that those who criticize it the most are women.

However, JLo continued with her performance, and she also wore other outfits, such as a floral jumpsuit and a green fringe ensemble.

Never mind Jennifer Lopez always She will dazzle and steal the show not only with her looks, but also with her voice, incredible steps and energy.


Source metroecuador.com

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