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Hillary Clinton infected with coronavirus

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Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that she had contracted the Corona virus.
Clinton said via her Twitter account Tuesday night (local time) that she has had mild symptoms, like cold symptoms, but is feeling fine.

She added, “I am more than ever grateful for the protection vaccines provide against dangerous symptoms… Please get your shots and boosters if you haven’t already.”

Hillary Clinton said her husband, Bill Clinton, had tested negative and was in home isolation.

And earlier on Tuesday, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki announced that she had tested positive for coronavirus again.

Psaki said that the result of the test he had taken for corona was positive and that he would not accompany US President Joe Biden during his trip to Europe.

Biden had taken a BCR test and the test result was negative.

Psaki added that he attended two meetings Monday with the president and that he maintained social distancing during that time.

According to the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control of the health authorities of the United States, for this reason, Biden is not considered a “close contact” of Saki.

And Saki continued in her statement that her symptoms are mild thanks to getting the vaccine, saying she will work from home and plans to return to her office after spending five days in isolation and getting a negative test result. for Crown.

Saki was infected with the Corona virus last fall and later announced that her symptoms were mild.


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