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High inflation means Fed must think bigger and faster: Bullard

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Passengers resist assault and thief dies fleeing and throwing himself from the moving vehicle

The security camera inside a collective transport van that was traveling on the Mexico-Puebla highway, at kilometer 18+500, on the Ampliación Los Reyes neighborhood, in the municipality of La Paz, in the State of Mexico; He recorded the moment in which three subjects committed an assault that ended in tragedy. In the images recorded on March 19 at 8:18 p.m., it can be seen that two of the criminals occupied the side seats, facing each other, while the third stood right next to the door. After a few seconds they start the assault. One of the thieves goes to the passengers who are in the back and hits one of them, however, he responds to the aggression and stands up to attack the criminal, a situation that unleashes chaos, as other passengers also try to resist. . Seeing what is happening, the criminal who was by the door triggers his firearm, injuring a man’s face. The people traveling, including a minor, scream in terror, then one of the criminals yells at his accomplice “put another ver$#zo on him”, the reaction of the passenger who had resisted from the beginning is to launch himself against the gunman , but he falls, a situation that the three thieves take advantage of to hit him repeatedly. “Get up now! Get up now!” the passengers yell at the driver of the unit, even one of the criminals also demands it: “get up now, stop up, asshole. Does it feel good to see&%?, I’m going to kill him. Leave me here, I’m going to kill you”, while his accomplices fit in by robbing people. It should be noted that the public transport unit was traveling with the doors open and at high speed; the criminals had no other alternative but to jump out while the transport was in motion. After the criminals jumped, the passengers began to wonder if everyone was okay, then a woman asked them to call an ambulance. Through a statement, the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) informed: “one of those involved lost his life when he fell on the asphalt tape, while a 21-year-old young man, recognized due to the victims, was arrested by elements of the State Security Secretariat (SS) and the other fled” The report also indicates that as a result of the shots, two of the passengers were injured, for which they were taken to a hospital to receive medical attention, however, one of them died from the as injuries. The agency also mentions that they opened an investigation folder for the crime of robbery of public transport, but when the death of one of the victims was known, the crime was reclassified to aggravated robbery causing death. Finally, the prosecution announced that the alleged 21-year-old arrested criminal was also injured and receives medical care in a hospital under the custody of the Edomex police and Investigative Police Agents (PDI).

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