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HiddenAds: Android malware disguises itself as the Google Play Store

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July 29, 2022 at 4:09 p.m.

13 dangerous Android apps have been identified in the Google Play Store. Uninstall bogus programs as soon as possible to stay safe.

13 fake apps make play store unsafe. (Source: stevanovicigor/depotphotos.com)

Fake apps have again been discovered in the Google Play Store. Malware annoys you with aggressive ads and can cause further harm. The bad thing about malware called HiddenAds is that it hides on your Android device after you download it. 13 apps have been identified in the Google App Store so far.

Said applications come exclusively from the field of system cleaning. If you download them, they activate annoying ads in other apps that cannot be removed. Other malicious programs can also be executed. The treacherous thing about malware is that it disguises the infected application after you download it. As security experts from McAfee report, the icon of the fake app will be changed to look like Google Play. The name will also be changed accordingly. This is to prevent you from deleting the app.

These apps are affected
Junk Mail Cleaner (cn.junk.clean.plp)
EasyCleaner (com.easy.clean.ipz)
Power Doctor (com.power.doctor.mnb)
Super Clean (com.super.clean.zaz)
Full clean – Clean cache (org.stemp.fll.clean)
Fingertip Cleaner (com.fingertip.clean.cvb)
Quick Cleaner (org.qck.cle.oyo)
Keep Clean (org.clean.sys.lunch)
Windy Clean (in.phone.clean.www)
Carpet cleaning (og.crp.cln.zda)
Cool Clean (syn.clean.cool.zbc)
Strong cleaning (in.memory.sys.clean)
Meteor Clean (org.ssl.wind.clean)

13 fake apps

Even though the Google Play Store is a reputable place for apps, you still need to be careful what you download. You can recognize fake apps from dubious manufacturers, requested permissions and comments. You should also protect your Android cell phone with virus protection.

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