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Hidden map of every place you visit on your iPhone

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Your iPhone tracks your movements in the real world and can show where you’ve been on a hidden map.
The little-known feature is hidden deep in the phone’s settings and shows the sites you’ve visited most often in the past few months. The feature launched a few years ago and was the subject of a very popular video on Tik Tok.

User Techhackguy has brought the feature to the attention of thousands of people, claiming that iPhones are spying on all users.

What are the important sites on the iPhone?
Your iPhone has a feature called Location Services, which uses your location to enhance various features on the device, including Locations of Interest, a continuous record of your real-world movements, which is then used to provide other services.

For example, if your iPhone knows your commute to work, it can provide personalized time information about your commute.

Is the Top Sites feature secure?
You may panic because Apple keeps track of your every move, but that’s not the case. According to Apple, important locations are encrypted and cannot be read by the company. This means that location information is stored on your iPhone, encrypted and separate from you if you need to leave the device, and no outsider can see your important locations.

How to find iPhone location map?
First, launch the Settings app on your iPhone, then click on the Privacy section, then click on Location Services and scroll to the bottom of the page where you need to click on System Services, go to the Important Sites tab , at which point, you’ll be prompted to sign in with Face ID or
Tap ID or your passcode, and you should see a long list of cities, which you can tap to find different locations you’ve been to before, all time-stamped and listed on the map at the top of the screen. “Home” and “work”, which should be the most visited destinations, according to the British newspaper The Sun.


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