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He’s going viral on Tiktok for coming out dressed as a dinosaur and scaring a puppy

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Who would say. go for it street and see that suddenly a little tyrannosaurus t rex. ask puppy schnauzer who stayed shocked To see the great dinosaur very close to him, advancing as if nothing had happened. A the child helped him hold his tail and the video was made viral on Tiktok.

A young man disguised himself with a very realistic dinosaur costume and went out into the street. Seeing him, he dog of a lady who I took him for a walk I know he ended up with a spiky back and in attack stance. Scared at the thought of this big animal that I had never seen.

Same other passers-by they recorded the beautiful event he received hundreds of comments on ICT Tac. Among them was someone who asked how much dinosaur show for the realism of the costume. There were also those who added that they wanted to know how much did the dinosaur walker charge because his was “very stressed”.

More than 1300 comments

To more than 1300 comments joined near 35 thousand likes. The tiktok users reward these types of videos with their preference short comic, of events that happen on the street and without preparation. So if you want to shine on this network, open your phone and your eyes so you can pick up what’s happening on the street and bring it to the screen.

Who plays Jumanji”, “It’s my mother-in-law who went out for a walk“,Y”Firu was shocked” are other comments that appeared in the video uploaded by the user @maclasotelo. She identifies herself as a professional makeup artist on the video network.

The viral videos To arrive at Peru from all over the world, but those made at home have a special charm. Like this virus.

Source metroecuador.com

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