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Here’s What ‘Matilda’s’ Mom Looks Like 26 Years After Her First

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The origin story of ‘Matilda’ reborn due to the announcement of the premiere of its remake via Netflix. Thanks to this, his faithful followers evoked nostalgia and did not hesitate to look back and remember most actors who brought to life the funniest and most unforgettable characters.

Such is the case of the mother described as “irresponsible” of this little protagonist. This was played by actress Rhea Perlman who, after 26 years since the original premiere, doesn’t look like she used to, but to the surprise of many, she remains very active and eager to keep captivating everyone with her talent.

And it is that Zinnia aroused mixed feelings in the public, Well, although she was very funny, there were those who never accepted that she was addicted to games like bingo and television from which she did not detach to enjoy her favorite novels or programs, thus leaving aside the education of her daughter that she grew up practically alone, because she made her own decisions, no matter what her parents thought or did.

For this reason, this actress has never been forgotten, because it was surprising how her world was only shaken when someone turned off the television. But, Now 76 years old and with many successes in his career, not only remembers the best times of his personal and professional life, but also feels very happy that this production which gave him so much satisfaction.

What does ‘Matilda’s mother’ look like today, after the 26th anniversary of her first?

Via social networks the devotees of ‘Matilda’ They were able to appreciate how each of their favorite characters evolved in the industry and how they changed physically. This not only marked them, but also allowed them to see its evolution and how, despite the passage of time, many of them remained active and eager to continue entertaining their audiences.

But, the most surprising thing is to know details that many may not have known as they are. the marital union between Rhea Perlman and Danni de Vito who played the role of Matilda’s parents and managed to unite offscreen to form a family, but later, over time, they decided to separate and start a new life.

And something that she could not put aside was acting, because thanks to her social networks it was possible to appreciate how very active this star is and continues to delight the public through products such as: “Cheers”, “Beethoven 6″, “I’ll See You in My Dreams” and “SING come and sing!” “, among others.

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