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Here’s how to properly clean your closet

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Want to say goodbye to certain clothes? Then the capsule wardrobe is made for you! GALA shows you exactly what it is and how to get started.

Whether it’s right after New Year’s Eve or in the middle of the year, sometimes we just feel like we need to completely revamp our wardrobe or thin it out because too many clothes have piled up over a period of time. of time. With the Capsule wardrobe you not only store your wardrobe, but are also well prepared for every event.

What does capsule wardrobe mean?

But what exactly does a capsule wardrobe mean and what makes it special? In a nutshell, it means you change your wardrobe every season max 35 pieces fill that you all combine with each other to be able. The first idea of ​​the capsule wardrobe originated in the 1940s, but it was still limited to a color-matching set of clothes. London boutique owner Susie Faux reshaped the interpretation of the term around clothing in the 1970s and later described a The capsule wardrobe should consist of essential items like pants, skirts and sweaters because they never go out of style.

The designer Donna Karan jumps on the wardrobe train and creates a good ten years later a capsule collection composed of seven pieces which can all be combined because the colors harmonize with each other. Below we show you what items you absolutely need for a capsule wardrobe!

What’s the best way to start?

In order to clean your wardrobe yourself, think about the clothes you not worn long have and if you are combine multiple times with other parts let. In general, there are a few rules you can follow to get an overview of your clothes. You should pay attention to the following criteria when creating a capsule wardrobe:

  • Quality before quantity: Get better quality clothes. After all, a capsule wardrobe is not about taking all the new fashion trends with you and therefore constantly investing in new and possibly inferior clothes. Instead, you need to make sure you can wear the items for a long time to reduce waste – durability is the key word here.
  • Choose the color theme: This point is particularly important, because to be able to combine everything in style, you need a range of colors in which you want to evolve with your clothes for your capsule wardrobe. To do this, first select the base color such as beige, white, brown, gray or black. Make sure the tone you choose complements your own skin color. Then you dedicate yourself to the vibrant colors that set accents for your clothes and the entire outfit. Limit yourself here to two tones. Tops, sweaters and accessories are perfect for these accent colors.
  • Stay classic: Checks, animal prints or polka dots are all classic patterns in their own right, but can quickly become too bulky. You don’t have to completely do without them, but be careful when choosing patterned pieces and choose a maximum of one. However, your clothes are even more classic and can be combined with each other if you completely forego certain prints in your capsule wardrobe.

12 pieces that belong in a capsule wardrobe

T-shirt / tank top

T-shirts are one of the basics when it comes to clothing. Incidentally, this also includes Topswhich were already worn by models like Cindy Crawford in the 1990s. Whether with jeans, a silk skirt or trousers – with its classic cut, a T-shirt properly combined for a timeless style. Necklaces and earrings can be used here as accessories.

shirt blouse

A blouse or shirt in white is perfect for different occasions and is therefore also one of the basics that definitely belongs in your capsule wardrobe. Whether paired with trousers for the office, a dress in the summer or under a sweater in the winter for added warmth, a blouse is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. However, they don’t have to be tight, but can be a little looser – a style that won’t go out of style anytime soon!


Low waist, mid-rise, high waist, bootcut, skinny, flared, jeans now come in many shapes and designs. But it never goes out of style, even if it is often claimed otherwise. Would you like to wear skinny jeans? So do that too, because they haven’t come out, they’re just in the background to give the limelight to other cuts. If you want to expand your capsule wardrobe with jeans – whether black or blue – then opt for a mid-bis High waist jeans with a straight leg. You can combine them with sneakers, boots and sandals and still look stylish.


But you can also wear jeans instead of jeans Pants (cloth) Fall back on. Ideally, they’re even more comfortable than jeans and still feel like almost no one can beat you when it comes to style. One of the advantages of the capsule wardrobe, because with the timeless in your wardrobe, you will never again find yourself in front of the closet in the morning wondering what to wear. In order not to fall into the business look, choose sneakers or heeled boots with your clothes as shoes. A lightweight oversized sweater or tank top with a straight blazer completes the outfit.


A skirt is not just for spring or summer, it is suitable for all seasons, whether short, long, pleated or pencil. Especially if you have one skirt Choose a base color like brown or black. Thanks to its silk look, it can be worn both on official occasions and in your free time, so it is independent of style – a must for fans of fashion and durability.


Sweaters are essential for us because they keep you warm and go with almost any outfit. In order to be safe here and to be able to combine it with other pieces, you must first of all wear a thin one turtleneck sweater and an chunky knit sweater Select. Both cuts can be styled optimally with other clothes and have the power to change the style of an entire wardrobe.


Cardigans come and go in all sorts of shapes, but like jeans, they never really go out of fashion, regardless of their fit. You can also invest in two different shapes for your capsule wardrobe, a slim fit cardigan in fine wool and one slightly oversized.

a coat

A beautiful wool coat provides the finishing touch to any outfit and can even make sportswear look stylish underneath. Pay attention to a straight, unexcited cut. Some coats are adorned with so many patches that they quickly seem overloaded. Apart from two side pockets and possibly a fabric belt to tie, the coat must not include any other accessory. Incidentally, coats belong to the classics among clothes and are also a timeless part of your wardrobe as a light trench coat.


In spring and summer a blazer can also be used as an ordinary jacket. That’s why it’s a staple in your capsule wardrobe. Here too, a straight to oversized cut is worthwhile without too much fuss.


Whether now ankle boots Where boots – you can’t go wrong with either one, that’s why at least one of these shoes belongs in your wardrobe. It’s best to stick with black here, a tone that always works. Ankle boots go perfectly with jeans and silk skirts, just like ankle boots and are also perfect for a casual look with trousers.


What should not be missing in your capsule wardrobe are sneakers. Comfortable shoes really go with any outfit and are a bright companion in both summer and winter, because sneakers are best chosen in pure white. By the way, bright sneakers are a real fashion staple and have often proved to be part of every wardrobe in several versions, because they match almost every style.


Last but not least – jewelry. Big bling and eye-catching colors are also rather undesirable here. Instead, sit down multiple strings different structures in silver or gold. When it comes to earrings, you’re better off with hoops served in two sizes, you adjust the bracelets to the chains, and a watch must also stylistically match the rest of the jewelry. Since you’re going for clean lines and simple styles here, layers are also welcome β€” that is, two or three chains plus earrings, bracelets and a watch.

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