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Henry Cavill Gets Beaten: The Witcher’s Epic Duel in New Season 3 Footage

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It will be some time before Henry Cavill crosses the continent again as Geralt in season 3 of the fantasy epic The Witcher. Filming is currently underway for the new episodes, which are expected to begin on Netflix in 2023. As Redanian Intelligence learned, was recently filmed one of the most important fights of the entire series . There are also first series images.

Warning, spoilers for The Witcher Season 3

In The Witcher Season 3, Geralt engages in an epic duel with a terrible ending

The Witcher’s third season is based on the novel The Age of Contemp and will deliver the Netflix series’ preliminary climax with a shocking event – we’re expecting it The Witcher’s Red Wedding. Without revealing too much: there is a kind of civil war between the magicians. During this, the magician Vilgefortz (Mahesh Jadu) also reveals himself as a new adversary for Geralt. It’s going to be a big duel.

More from The Witcher: Watch the trailer for Netflix’s Blood Origin prequel

The Witcher Blood Origin – Trailer (German) HD

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Recently become the emblematic Duel between Geralt and Vilgefortz turned. On set images, Geralt de Riv and Vilgefortz clash in a landscape of sandy dunes. This is one of the most important fights in the novel. Why important? Here, Geralt de Riv experiences his first real defeat.

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Until now, the monster hunter of Kaer Morhen was considered a strong fighter who could always defeat his enemies. Surprisingly, he has no chance against Vilgefortz and is massively inferior. He wipes the floor with it and badly maims Geralt with a magic staff. He survives seriously injured and with a broken leg.

Fans can expect an epic battle sequence. Because for Season 3, Kamp’s coordinator, Wolfgang Stegemann, returns, who previously choreographed Blaviken’s iconic fight in season one. The shocking duel and all the gruesome events surrounding it, also known as the Rebellion are known are considered turning point in historywhich significantly influences all subsequent events of the Witcher Saga.

When does season 3 of The Witcher starring Henry Cavill start on Netflix?

About half of Season 3 is already over. Production is expected to continue until September 2022. So, the eight new episodes of The Witcher only on Netflix in 2023 appear. To shorten the wait time, Netflix will bring us the prequel series The Witcher: Blood Origin later this year.

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Are you excited for The Witcher Season 3?

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