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Helper when refugees arrive in Berlin: “Sometimes you don’t need the language” – Districts – Berlin

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Cay Dobberke has for you the following topics, among others:

  • “Sometimes there is no need for language,” says Melissa Stock. She is a volunteer coordinator of the helpers at the Berlin Central Bus Station (ZOB) in Westend, where coaches with refugees from Ukraine constantly arrive. For example, 22-year-olds display photos of burning houses on their smartphones. So Meilsa Stock knows what war means, although she understands neither Ukrainian nor Russian. We featured the helper in the “Neighborhood” section of the newsletter. Other topics this time include:
  • Greens and CDU call for action against illegally parked electric scooters
  • Corona update: the skin requirement will soon be largely removed
  • The monstrosity at Adenauerplatz gives way to new buildings
  • Steinplatz guided tours
  • Cantor opens a Jewish cultural center on the premises of the Noack art foundry

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