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Help your kids with these financial tips

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the financial advisor Sebastien “Tian” Rodriguezwho has dedicated himself to education on different platforms, such as Youtube and instagramon personal finance, investments and economysays that a very serious problem that parents have when teaching their children to save occurs the very moment they are given a piggy bank to start saving their money.

According to the adviser, parents “program” their children by telling them that the only destination of savings is to spend themfor example, buying toys later.

“It is recommended to teach your offspring that the ideal of money is to save it to invest it for your financial freedom. It is therefore essential that you show your child by example that you also save in the pursuit of your financial freedom, that everything you have should not be spent immediately, ”explains the expert.

Another recommendation, explains Rodríguez, is to teach your heirs that the money is used to make a donation, to contribute to good causes.

Of course, it is necessary to properly explain to children the meaning of “donate”, so that they can understand its importance and, again, teach by example.

The important thing, he says, is that we realize that children are open to learning.

Rodríguez explains that once the child has understood that he must be patient and not break the piggy bank so soon and that one must give to contribute to a better world, then it is time to teach him to spend part of it. savings with discretion, moderation and good judgment.

Now well, If as parents we do not know how to manage our own finances, it is impossible for us to teach the little ones to do so, then we must educate ourselves to be able to give the best of examples..

Source metroecuador.com

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