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Helene Fischer: First glimpses of her record concert in Munich


Today’s hit news in the GALA ticker: No expense or effort spared for Helene Fischer’s appearance in Munich +++ This is why Anna-Carina Woitschack was absent from ‘Always Again on Sundays’ +++ Maria Voskania and Helene Fischer: Your life as new mothers.

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July 20, 2022

Hélène Fischer: First photos! Show in Munich is beyond reach

Fans of Helene Fischer, 37, should already be in awe: On August 20, the Munich Schlagerqueen will give her record concert. 150,000 spectators can expect a real spectacle. No expense or effort is spared for the appearance at the Munich fair grounds. The organizer promises a “spectacular show full of musical and visual highlights”. An absolute highlight: the 170 meter long stage, which was built especially for this event.

Fans can now see for themselves what it looks like on Instagram. The organizer of the mega-event, Leutgeb Entertainment Group GmbH, published the first images of the construction work on the stage there. There is not much time left: Andreas Gabalier, 37, will celebrate his big fan party there on August 6th. Helene Fischer’s record concert will follow on August 20. A week later, world star Robbie Williams, 48, will be the guest.

July 18, 2022

Anna Carina Woitschack: Why was she absent from “Always Sundays”?

Fans of “Always Again on Sundays” noticed it right away: Anna-Carina Woitschack, 29, was not on Schlager’s weekly show on Sunday July 17. But what was the reason for the absence of the wife and co-host of Stefan Mross, 46?

As “Schlager.de” reports, the singer was on stage at a hotel event in Magdeburg, about 650 kilometers from Rust – the location of the show. On Sunday, Anna-Carina was also allowed to rest before continuing next week with “Immer wieder Sundays” and preparations for the new album. Fans can expect new music starting September 2, 2022!

Maria Voskania talks about her own motherhood and that of her friend Helene Fischer

Maria Voskania, 34, is known as former Schlagerqueen backing vocalist Helene Fischer, 37. She and her ex-boss were pregnant at the same time. In the meantime, the two women’s children were born. However, the birth and the first months after were a bad experience for new mom Maria Voskania, as she told ‘Bild’. She feels “good” now. “The little one gives me great joy every day! As bad as childbirth is, it’s so nice to enjoy time with my daughter now,” the 34-year-old enthused about her baby Emilia.

She stresses: “My daughter Emilia is the best thing that has ever happened to me”. A new mum who might have similar thoughts is friend Helene Fischer. Of course, Maria Voskania had congratulated her on her motherhood. And the background dancer provides even more intimate glimpses. “We talked about how young moms like to do it. She also likes being a mother. That feeling changes everything in life.”

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