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Heat wave: With these 5 tips, your home will stay pleasant and cool even in hot weather


Hot summer days, but attic apartment? A combination that makes more than one sweat. Use these tips to combat heat buildup.

Intense sun, impaired circulation and sweat dripping from your forehead even when you’re seated? Dealing with the heat and daily temperatures over 30 degrees can often be a challenge, especially for those living in an attic apartment. With a few tips and tricks, you can counteract the high temperatures in your own four walls.

5 tips to keep your home nice and cool even when it’s hot

1. Air out in the morning

Not only attic residents should definitely use the morning hours for ventilation. Means: Open all the doors and windows to let the residual coolness of the night enter the apartment. At the same time, it is important to lower blinds and shutters in time. Due to the reduced solar radiation, most of the heat stays outside.

2. Water, water and more water

Not just for drinking: water can also be used as a coolant in the summer. Atomizers and humidifiers provide refreshment in between. In addition, it is advisable to wet the curtains with dry heat. With good ventilation, this leads to a pleasant cooling effect. It may also help to run cold water over your arms in the bathroom or take a cooling foot bath.

3. Reduce energy consumption in the house

Every electrical device generates heat when in use. This applies above all to conventional incandescent and halogen lamps. Modern and efficient LED lamps consume less energy and generate less waste heat. Other electronic devices such as laptops, televisions or mobile phones also give off heat, which is why it is also worth reducing their use to a minimum and switching them off completely in the evening. This also has a positive effect on the wallet, as it results in lower energy costs.

4. Fan instead of air conditioning

If you want to cool down a bit, you can also use a fan or air conditioning. The fact that fans use less energy than air conditioning probably won’t surprise anyone. But it is amazing how much comes together in one year: as the energy supplier Eon has calculated, around 70 euros can be saved in electricity costs per year.

An air conditioner for a room of around 25 square meters can quickly cost around 80 euros, based on half a day of use over 50 days a year. A fan, on the other hand, consumes electricity for just under ten euros under the same conditions – and is therefore both cheaper and significantly more environmentally friendly.

5. Create free space

Last but not least, it helps to create more free space in the apartment, because: the fewer the objects, the lower the perceived temperature. For example, heavy rugs, pillows, thick blankets and curtains can be stored in the basement during the summer months because they store extra heat.



Source www.gala.de

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