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He suffers from the consequences of the Corona virus


Alexander Klaws
He suffers from the consequences of the Corona virus

Alexander Klaws missed the premiere of “Der Ölprinz” in Bad Segeberg at the end of June due to a corona infection.

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Alexander Klaws had already missed the premiere. Now he has again failed at the Karl May Games due to corona consequences.

Karl May’s games in Bad Segeberg had to do without Alexander Klaws (38) again on Thursday. In the afternoon, the singer and actor took to Instagram and explained why he gave up. “I am struggling with the after effects of my corona infection,” he wrote in a story. It came “very suddenly” and “it’s really annoying”.

“The Winnetou actor’s heart is bleeding badly, not being able to be there”. At the same time, he’s happy the show can go on without him. Together with the Kalkberg team, Klaws “checks day by day if I’m ready to go again and can sit firmly in the saddle”. Maybe he could be there again for Saturday’s performances.

Klaws missed his first premiere in 20 years

Since the end of June and until September 4, there has been a production of “Der Ölprinz”, in which Katy Karrenbauer (59) and Sascha Hehn (67) appear in addition to Klaws. According to information from the Karl May Games site, the 38-year-old player had already had to stop rehearsals due to his corona disease.

Unfortunately, Klaws was also unable to perform the premiere in front of over 7,000 spectators. “I still can’t believe I’m missing my first premiere today in 20 years of showbiz” he explained on Instagram at the time. Sascha Hödl represented him. The Karl May Games had previously been suspended for two years due to the corona pandemic.



Source www.gala.de

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