Twitter is the ultimate tavern. Not in the style of these remodeled basements for hipster how well Lucía portrays Lijtmaer in her novel cauterization, but an appellation-of-origin fetén tavern, the living reincarnation of one whose floor is carpeted with sawdust and shrimp shells, where a television suspended from the ceiling served as the target for the cheap insults of an employee subscribed to the argumentative red and the toothpick in the mouth. At the time of the news, every time a politician came out, there was someone to throw a poisoned dart at him:

– Look, fatter every day.

“Well, that’s one of yours…”

But if they are all the same…

Pure entertainment and relief, like Twitter, except that it used to be in company and in a gentle body, and now it’s mostly done anonymously and in the solitude of the cell phone. Incidentally, nothing new: the parishioners of the past and the tweeters of today usually hope for the resignation of politicians. Until someone quits, of course. As soon as one of them does, they wrinkle their noses and immediately the air smells of scorching, like a trapped cat…

-He resigned? Something must have happened…

—Pepe, penultimate and we go.

The successive resignations – within 24 hours – of PSOE Deputy Secretary General Adriana Lastra and Attorney General Dolores Delgado have revolutionized the tavern despite being in the doldrums due to the summer and the heat. Lastra and Delgado may have thought that by attributing her resignation to medical problems, they would trick staff — especially those who were willing to lose sight of them — to repeat the phrase “to the fleeing enemy, silver bridge.” “ apply. But not. It can be seen that Twitter takes no prisoners, and friends for friends and foes for foes, the anger was considerable. No one online seems to believe that the ultimate reasons for the resignations are those claimed by the protagonists – Lastra’s risky pregnancy, Delgado’s serious spinal injury – but that Pedro Sánchez and who knows if even Villarejo are behind it. There are tweets of all shades and calibres, and even some, like that of Socialist MP Odón Elorza, who doesn’t quite know what he means:

— Adriana Lastra’s resignation, Attorney General’s resignation, CIS poll… um, it’s like someone trying to make us forget the achievements of the recent policy debate. The Planet, Politics and Life; all jerked and accelerated.

It is already known that when a tweet is not understood, it is best to go to the answers, but in this case there was no luck. Tweeter Pilar Camacho replied: “Totally agree.” And a certain Manolo concluded: “It never rained without tidying up”.

As staff continued to decide whether these two women have the right to resign, Twitter also picked up the following story. On Friday, July 15th, the Majorca newspaper published an advertisement on the front cover of its paper edition with words stating: “Majorquín from Alicante steals the heart of a woman from Navarra on July 6 during these San Fermin festivals. Suggested write to app. 4122. 31007 Pamplona. Navarre”.

The ad, white letters on a red background, ran again on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday morning, however, he did not come out. There’s a chance the heart thief got in touch with the smitten Navarrese, or she’s run out of budget, or who knows what. The fact is, with so much shouting, sometimes stories creep into the inn worth pursuing. There will be no choice but to return tomorrow.

Source elpais.com

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