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He paid his speeding tickets


Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht
He paid his speeding tickets

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht has paid for his ticket.

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Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht paid his three tickets and explained why the police were looking for him.

With a big smile, reality TV star Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (30, “Dies Ochsenknechts”) holds the “Record of Payment to Avert Coercive Detention” which a Munich police inspection issued on July 29, in the camera. He leaves his 264,000 for this Know the Instagram followers in a story“Searched and Found: All three fines have been paid.”

It also explains how all the excitement came about in the first place. “Because of my move, they have [die Polizei, Red.] asked about the new address,” Ochsenknecht said. Her ex-partner, reality TV star and influencer Yeliz Koc (28, “Battle of the Reality Stars”) had previously reported on Instagram that the police were with her in Hannover stood outside the door and looked for Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht Because she had no other address, she gave officials her management’s address, Koc said in a post Wednesday.

In his current story, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht also addresses the rumors of the past few days. “Please don’t always believe everything […] takes place in public […] Let’s support each other! That’s enough, isn’t it?” he wrote, filling the text with praying hands and a red heart.

Separation before the birth of the daughter

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and Yeliz Koc went public with their relationship in August 2020. They also revealed on Instagram in February 2021 that their first child was on the way. A little later the couple moved from Berlin to Hanover. Little Snow Elanie was born there on October 2, 2021.

A month earlier, Ochsenknecht had confirmed the separation of the two in an Instagram story. In April 2022, he went public with his relationship with Munich racing driver Laura-Marie Geissler (24) with a kissing video.



Source www.gala.de

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