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He is the godfather of the Bushido triplets.


Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier
He is the godfather of the Bushido triplets.

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (left) resumes honorary sponsorship of the Bushido triplets.

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Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has taken on the honorary patronage of Bushido’s triplets Leonora, Naima and Amaya.

Special day for triplets Leonora, Naima and Amaya: The three youngest children of Bushido (43) and Anna-Maria Ferchichi (40) now have Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (66) as godparents. “Today the Federal President resumed honorary sponsorship of our triplets,” the rapper wrote. in an Instagram story. He showed one of three documents signed by Steinmeier in a photo.

“We are very happy about the honorary patronage, because the federal president represents a completely different level with which one has practically no interface as a citizen”, explained his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi. the RTL broadcaster in a report. “It fills us with pride that our triplets each have a certificate from the Head of State. It has great emotional value for us.”

Honorary sponsorship is intended to reinforce the social prestige of large families

The family received “no further treatment”, as Ferchichi in an Instagram story stress. Because the Federal President assumes the honorary sponsorship of the seventh child of a family if the parents request it. “Honorary sponsorship is above all symbolic. It cannot be compared to baptism sponsorship”, it is written on the official website of the Federal President. The honorary patronage emphasizes “the special importance that families and children have for our community” and should “contribute to strengthening the social prestige of large families”.

“We had to submit the request in an official and very bureaucratic way and fulfilled all the conditions”, explains Anna-Maria Ferchichi RTL. The Ferchichis donated the godfather’s gift, according to the family 1,500 euros.

Last year, the Federal President accepted 414 honorary patronages, since 1949 there have been a total of around 82,100.

Leonora, Naima and Amaya were born on November 11, 2021. Bushido and Anna-Maria Ferchichi previously had four children together, including twins. She brought a son into the marriage. The two have been married since 2012.



Source www.gala.de

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