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“He helped build Russia’s power”: Ukraine’s foreign minister makes serious accusations against Germany – Politics

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the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov claimed to be in the Ukraine. About a video shared Monday night on her Telegram channel, she writes: this was included in Hostomel a location northwest of the capital, Kiev, with an airfield nearby that has been disputed in Ukraine since the start of the war. The video, which cannot be independently verified, shows several men in military uniform with weapons and Kadyrov studying a defaced blueprint on a table.

“The other day we were about 20 kilometers from you Nazis from Kiev, and now we are even closer, and guess how close we are,” Kadyrov continues. “I will add an intrigue: maybe we are already in Kiev, and we are just waiting for the necessary orders?” He also claims that “quite a few” Ukrainian secret service employees work for Russia.

Kadyrov also threatens the Kiev leaders in the publication of the telegram, asking them to change sides. “You can relax for a minute because you don’t have to look for us, we will find it ourselves,” continues the head of the North Caucasian Chechen Republic. “Oh, you don’t have much more time. You better give up and stay with us, as I have suggested several times, or your end is near.” (dpa)

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