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He had panic attacks underwater

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Colin Farel
He had panic attacks underwater

Colin Farrell ventured into some tough underwater scenes.

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Colin Farrell has gone into hiding for his new movie “Thirteen Live.” The underwater scenes were “terrible” and “terrifying”.

Colin Farrell (46) was dealing with severe panic attacks. The Irish actor had to shoot several scenes underwater for his new movie ‘Thirteen Lives’. “In a word: awful. Terrible,” he described that task in conversation with “Entertainment Tonight”. Farrell is not a good swimmer anyway, as he pointed out. Most of the diving scenes would have been taken over by professional divers. Nevertheless, the whole thing with the narrow caves and the water was “terrifying”.

“I had panic attacks underwater,” Farrell continued. Being underwater and not being able to look up created “chaos” in his head. However, the whole production was “impressive”. Four to five caves have been recreated, modeled after the Tham Luang caves in Thailand, Farrell said.

“Thirteen Lives”: Film about the dangerous rescue operation in Thailand 2018

“Thirteen Lives” is a Prime Video production that tells the story of a young Thai soccer team stuck in a flooded cave with their coach. The true story is that of the dangerous rescue operation and its preparation which took place from June 23 to July 10, 2018.

In addition to Farrell, Viggo Mortensen (63) and Joel Edgerton (48) can also be seen in the film. The film from director Ron Howard (68) will be available on Amazon Prime Video from August 5.


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