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He cancels the rest of his world tour

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Shawn Mendes
He cancels the rest of his world tour

Shawn Mendes pauses.

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Bad news for Shawn Mendes fans: the Canadian singer has now canceled the rest of his world tour.

Shawn Mendes (23) has now completely canceled his current world tour. The Canadian singer still needs to take time to focus on his health, as he does in a statement on Instagram Explain. Mendes had already interrupted the first part of his tour in early July.

“As you know, I had to reschedule gigs for the past few weeks as I wasn’t fully prepared for what it would cost me to get back on the road,” Mendes writes. He didn’t realize how difficult it was to play live again after the long pandemic break. “After talking to my team and working with an incredible group of medical professionals, I realized that I needed to take the time I personally had never taken to explore myself and come back stronger,” says the singer. .

Concerts in Germany have also been canceled

After performances in North America that have already been canceled, he now has to cancel the rest of his tour dates. Among other things, appearances in Great Britain and Europe were planned. In Germany, Mendes would have been on stage in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg next year. “We had hoped that after a well deserved break I would be able to continue with the remaining appointments, but at this stage I have to put my health first.”

But Mendes also stresses that this is not the end of his career and that he will continue to produce new music. “I promise I’ll be back as soon as I give myself enough time to heal.” He thanks his fans for their support.

Shawn Mendes’ “Wonder: The World Tour” began in Portland in June and was originally scheduled to last through August 2023.


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