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HBO Max’s ‘Constantine’ Series Is Safe From DC’s Red Pen



August 10, 2022 at 4:08 p.m.

The HBO series “Constantine” has been in development since 2021. After many canceled DC shows, it looked like the JJ Abrams series would also be canceled.

DC Showcase: Constantine – The House of Mystery – 2022 Short Film Series (Source: tmdb.org)

  • A “Constantine” series for HBO Max has been in development since 2021.
  • Despite many aborted film and series projects, “Constantine” should not risk being canceled.
  • Due to canceled new DC projects, series production is expected to progress faster.

Despite DC’s current cuts, the planned HBO Max “Constantine” series is seemingly safe from cancellation. After the finished “Batgirl” film was shut down, it was initially unclear.

The acquisition of DC by Warner Bros. Discovery not only realigned the brand, but also reduced the cost of productions across the company. Warner says he’s developing a 10-year plan that will be similar to Marvel Studios. As a result, even near-completed projects like “Batgirl” don’t seem safe.

After it was canceled, rumors spread that other DC projects could also be affected by the cuts. A planned “Supergirl” movie starring Sasha Calle has reportedly been scrapped. The Strange Adventures series, based on the Strange Adventures comic book series, has also been canceled, according to producer Kevin Smith. He also hinted that the planned “Green Lantern” show will go down the same way.

“Constantine” should be spared these measures. Noisy the American magazine “Deadline” the show is “on firm, ever-changing ground”.

Director JJ Abrams and screenwriter Guy Bolton’s Constantine have been in development since 2021. After the DC series was announced, however, there were no further updates on its progress.

Abrams had previously been the subject of criticism. Streaming provider HBO Max had rejected the director’s plans for a “Demimonde” series. The trigger was Warner’s dissatisfaction with the development of the Abrams DC projects. For this, he signed a five-year contract in 2019, which committed him to production.

The lack of progress on its “Constantine” series could have been an indicator that Discovery will cancel the show as well. If that didn’t happen, it’s probably because the production of “Constantine” is already further along than expected. The project should also be accelerated by stopping other planned productions.

More recently, the trench coat-wearing magician was seen in a female incarnation as Johanna Constantine in the DC series Sandman. The Netflix show was released on August 5, 2022 and is already giving us a taste of the upcoming production.

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