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Has good sex diminished for children? Strategic data to improve

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When one is a father or a mother, the event is perhaps the best personal experience that a human being can have. It is true that not everyone is prepared or simply does not want to run with parental responsibilities, but day to day and development lead us to rethink it as a life goal: study-graduate-get married- have children.

However, all is not rosy. The arrival of children completely changes development and daily life and without a doubt, marital and partner relationships are one of those that are affected, sexual practice being the main axis.

Finding the right moment, overcoming fatigue, finding new ways to bond, and sustaining desire can be a daunting task. In view of this, we quote the traditional expression “he who wills can”; several specialists say so and recall that it is not impossible to achieve the objective.


Various sexologists and therapists explain that there are currently proven strategies to improve sexual relations of all kinds, in this case we will focus only on the problems caused by children.

The first thing to clarify is that according to several studies, the presence of children is not the only cause of sexual discomfort between couples and that very often it is the adults themselves who, due to different daily situations ( work, monotony, boredom or lack of love) are the main culprits of the problem.

Flori Berrade, a psychologist and sexologist from Argentina, told Clarín that it is not a simple act and that planning is considered one of the essential characteristics to take the first steps towards improvement. “The idea is to plan moments of intimacy, keeping in mind that intimacy and sex are not synonymous with coitus or penetration.”


Of the problems, this is one of the most notable. The specialist indicates that if they are small children, one of the best options to be able to regain intimacy is when the children fall asleep. If they fall asleep in the same room or bed, it’s best to drop the option and find another place alone in the house.

8 tricks that can work

Romina Barraza, clinical sexologist and human sexuality educator (on Instagram, @drabarrazasexualidades), recommends:

1. Always have sex alone in a room.

2. Keep the door closed (if they are older or teenagers, you can put a key or a pin on the door to the adult room).

3. Teach sons and daughters from an early age to knock on the door before entering (this respect for privacy must be reciprocated).

4. Go to hotel accommodation (motel). It adds to the couple because it breaks the routine.

5. Coordinate with friendly couples (who also have children) and alternate treatments on a weekend day. With this practice, everyone wins.

6. If there is little time, sex toys can be good allies.

7. Take advantage of school hours or extracurricular activities.

8. Plan couple outings with the children under the care of a nanny, grandparents or uncles.

Source metroecuador.com

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