July 19, 2022 at 6:13 p.m.

In October, a Marvel special will be released on Disney+, which revolves around the scary. Now, the plot of “Werewolf by Night” has been leaked online. More information about this on Netzwelt.

Marvel Studios (Source: Marvel)

  • Rumor has it that “Moon Knight” could also appear in the big Halloween special on Disney+.
  • The special will mainly revolve around Werewolf.
  • A leak now provides a first look at the story.

Of course, the Halloween special for “Werewolf by Night” won’t appear on Disney+ for a few months. Jack Russell, better known as Werewolf, is making his MCU debut in Marvel horror – and Moon Knight is rumored to be ending as well.

On the bulletin board Reddit a detailed leak for the “Werewolf by Night” special has now emerged. As always in such cases, we can of course not guarantee the accuracy – and if you want to avoid spoilers at all costs, you should read no further!

As a result, the special begins with Jack Russell posing as a monster hunter. He infiltrates the Bloodstone domain, where Ulysses Bloodstone’s last will is read. The Legendary Hunter wants the monster hunters present to search for a creature goaded by the Bloodstone.

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The party enters a maze where they can use any weapon at their disposal. Elsa Bloodstone also joins the party – and she, Jack Russell and Man-Thing become a team.

Of course, the former scientist is also the monster to hunt down.

But then comes the big twist: the werewolf is actually the object of the hunt. He and Elsa are locked in cages, Jack becomes a beast, defeats the enemies present – and finally escapes with Man-Thing.

An appearance of Moon Knight is unfortunately not (yet) mentioned in the leak of the special “Werewolf by Night”. If that information is correct, Marvel fans can at least expect a whole host of popular characters celebrating their MCU debut in the Halloween special.

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