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HAI ROBOTICS will present its ACR systems and local team for the first time at SITL 2022

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SHENZHEN, CHINA-March 24, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HAI ROBOTICS will exhibit its autonomous box handling robots (ACRs) in Europe at the upcoming Transport and Logistics Innovation Week (SITL) 2022 in Paris from April 5-8, an event that company sees as a springboard to other European countries.

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HAI ROBOTICS will present ACR systems at SITL 2022 in Paris. (Photo: Business Wire)

SITL 2022 will also mark the debut of the company’s local European team.

Recognized as a great innovator, HAI ROBOTICS aims to lead the future of warehouse automation with a flexible, easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution that will greatly increase supply chain efficiency in Europe.

local presence

Since establishing its regional headquarters in the Netherlands at the end of 2021, HAI ROBOTICS has rapidly expanded its presence to various countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Benelux, and the United Kingdom.

A local team was formed in a very short time, most of whom are experienced industry representatives.

Peter Guan, European General Manager of HAI ROBOTICS, said that HAI Robotics “is committed to recruiting the best local talent in each of Europe’s key regions.”

“The company has already hired several executives from each country who have proven themselves in the logistics automation industry. We are constantly looking for more local talent who can increase our level of service and support,” said Guan.

“We are preparing to hold more exhibitions in Europe,” he added.

An expert in building, structuring and rapidly growing the European business of international companies looking to enter the market, Guan has been Hikvision’s director of sales and marketing for over ten years.

At SITL 2022, Guan will be joined by Kai Ramadhin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Europe, and Thierry Hennebiq, Country Manager for France. Both have been reassigned.

Ramadhin has more than 20 years of experience in the logistics market and previously worked at the Dutch company Van Riet Material Handling Systems as interim CEO and director of sales and marketing.

Hennebiq has over 10 years of experience in the intralogistics industry, having previously worked for the industry’s leading systems integrators, including TGW, Dematic and Vanderlande.

the best solution

Compared with existing warehouse automation solutions, especially traditional ones, HAI ROBOTICS believes that its ACR systems are more suitable for European customers.

An example of this is France, where SITL 2022 will take place. Hennebiq said that with the growing demand for logistics services, “you can see a huge demand.”

“We believe that our ACR solution gives logistics service providers everything they need to optimize their warehouses and greatly increase performance and efficiency,” he said.

Ramadhin said HAI ROBOTICS’ target industries are mainly 3PL, retail and e-commerce, fashion and FMCG. “Our ACR solution is designed to handle products in these markets.”

Compared to logistics service providers, which traditionally employ human workers, Ramadhin says ACR systems can “exponentially increase operational efficiencies” while requiring less time to implement and being more cost-effective than traditional automation solutions.

“HAI ROBOTICS’ solution offers more flexibility in terms of expandability, fast implementation times, etc. So the sweet spot of our solution is much more attractive,” he said.

Ramadhin noted that the company is focused on creating a local network of system integrators, installation and service partners, so that any user of ACR systems anywhere in Europe can expect fast and quality service.

Since entering Europe last year, HAI ROBOTICS’ presence in the local warehouse logistics sector has developed rapidly.

It partnered with the French company Savoye, which develops global logistics solutions, and formed a strategic partnership with the Greek intralogistics leader, Voyatzoglou Systems.

At a time when e-commerce is booming, the company’s ACR solution was implemented in a micro-logistics center in Europe, significantly improving last-mile delivery.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with quality service and support, both through our own regional teams and through our strong network of installation and service partners,” said Ramadhin.

Visit Stand K81, Paris – Nord Villepinte – Hall 6 during SITL 2022 to see HAI ROBOTICS’ ACR systems live.


HAI ROBOTICS, a pioneer in the field of autonomous case handling robots (ACR), is committed to providing efficient, intelligent, flexible and customized warehouse automation solutions using robotic technology and AI algorithms. The company’s goal is to create added value for each factory and each logistics warehouse. The HAIPICK ACR system, independently developed in 2015, is the first of its kind in the world.

Founded in 2016 in Shenzhen, China, HAI ROBOTICS has offices in the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, serving customers in more than 30 countries and regions.

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