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HAI ROBOTICS Showcases Innovative ACR Systems at MODEX 2022 in USA

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The company will present its fully capable, ultra-flexible warehouse automation solution with global partners.

FREMONT, Calif., March 22, 2022–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–HAI ROBOTICSthe pioneer in the field of autonomous robotic case handling systems (ACR systems) for warehouse logistics, will be exhibiting at this year’s MODEX 2022 from March 28-31 at booth C4585 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. will present its highly flexible solution for warehouse automation and the delivery of goods to people.

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HAI ROBOTICS ACR Systems will be showcased at Modex 2022. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The company’s robots will also be showcased by MHS, SVT Robotics, GreyOrange and Tompkins Robotics, and the company, along with its strategic partners, will showcase its cutting-edge storage technology additions to the global supply chain.

A few days before MODEX 2022, HAI ROBOTICS announced new partnerships with Tompkins Robotics and Storage Solutions. The partnerships include the development of technologies and solutions by HAI ROBOTICS that will be used in various industries in North America.

Brian Reinhart, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for HAI ROBOTICS US, said the company will fully demonstrate its commitment to its customers, partners and the US market at the show one year after entering the market.

“This is a very exciting time for HAI ROBOTICS as we continue our expansion and growth in the US,” he said. strong and valuable network of partners”.

Reinhart, a veteran leader in the material handling industry, said, “In a short time, we have put down deep roots in the United States.”

In addition to existing customers and partners, HAI ROBOTICS has established an office in Fremont, CA, USA, a fully operational demo center with a decentralized sales force, and a deployment strategy that places employees in 15 different states. in all the country.

“The ambitious goals have as a top priority the hiring, onboarding and training of talented people.” “We want to be where we can best serve our customers. We are committed to providing our partners with the best products, solutions and services in the industry,” she said.


The company’s introductions this year include two types of ACR robots and a workstation designed to unlock the full potential of order processing efficiency, deployment flexibility, and scalability in the context of order handling and delivery. goods to people.

HAIPICK A42T robotto be exhibited, is a further development of the “Best in Intralogistics” title winner at IFOY 2021. With an extendable lifting function that can flexibly adjust the picking height, this robot can lift containers (bags or boxes) from 0.28 to 10 meters harbor high camps.

It can transport up to 8 loads to workstations for delivering goods to people in one move and can travel back and forth between different storage areas with ease.

HAIPICK A3 forklift robot is a new invention designed for broader storage scenarios beyond container storage. Handles goods that do not require containers, such as tires, tubs and panels, which can be lifted from below with a fork. The forklift design provides the added benefit of increased storage capacity as the space between adjacent containers can be reduced. This type of robot is well suited to work environments where there are strict controls on dust, static electricity and contamination.

In addition to great flexibility, HAIPICK robots perform better than other goods transport robots because they use every inch of ceiling space that is available for storage. However, it is the teamwork with the HAIPORT-powered workstation that maximizes a warehouse’s production capacity.

A workstation powered by HAIPORT, which can process bound and unbound orders, is based on the cooperation between HAIPICK, HAIPORT robots and conveyor belts. HAIPORT is an automatic loading and unloading machine that can be coupled with ACR robots and conveyors. At a HAIPORT-operated workstation, HAIPICK robots unload various bags or carton units at the input side of HAIPORT, are then placed on conveyor belts to be sorted by system orders, and then transported to the output side of HAIPORT. . , where they are picked up by robots for further order processing.

The HAIPORT Technology Workstation is suitable for medium to large sized warehouses that have high throughput requirements of at least 400 containers per hour. Its machine rate can deliver 600 containers per hour to one operator. It is suitable for large-scale warehousing scenarios that use small to medium sized containers, such as the commodity, small electronics, apparel, pharmaceutical, retail, and 3PL industries that have large numbers of items.


HAI ROBOTICS, a pioneer in the field of autonomous case handling robots (ACR), is committed to providing efficient, intelligent, flexible and customized warehouse automation solutions using robotic technology and AI algorithms. The company’s goal is to create added value for each factory and each logistics warehouse. The HAIPICK ACR system, independently developed in 2015, is the first of its kind in the world.

Founded in 2016 in Shenzhen, China, HAI ROBOTICS has offices in the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, serving customers in more than 30 countries and regions.

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