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GZSZ: Anne Menden struggled with her serial pregnancy


GZSZ Current News in the GALA Ticker: Anne Menden struggled with her serial pregnancy performance.

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July 20, 2022

Her GZSZ pregnancy made things difficult for Anne Menden

Anne Menden, 36, had to play a few dramatic scenes in her 18-year career on “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”. The emotional repertoire of the actress is vast: sadness, anger, passion and even the performance of sexual harassment. Challenges that Anne Menden alias “Emily Höfer” took up. In the GZSZ podcast, the 36-year-old now reveals which scene has asked her the most so far.

As Anne Menden explains, she struggled with the performance of her serial pregnancy. Since Menden has yet to have children privately, it was extremely difficult for her to portray a pregnant woman. Above all, she wanted to convey the birth scene authentically. “I had no idea what to play there,” the GZSZ star admits in the podcast. To do justice to the situation, Anne Menden interviewed friends who were already mothers at the time.

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The actress shared some details about her private desire to have children in 2021. “If the right partner is there, I’m happy. I don’t make a fixed plan,” Menden said in an interview with “Bunte.” .

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