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Guillermo Lasso appreciates the support of Ecuadorians who marched for peace

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On Wednesday evening, Ecuadorians from different parts of the country united with white flags to raise their voices in favor of peace and reject violence in these days of a national strike that has already resulted in deaths and no less than a hundred wounded.

President Guillaume Lasso, Through his social networks, he thanked the support of Ecuadorians who want peace. “Yesterday we witnessed the will of citizens to defend their right to live in peace, to work and to raise the country that we all love and they are not paralyzed, despite the fact that a few violent people want to hijack the democracy “

Guillermo Lasso with COVID-19

Guillaume Lassowho tested positive for covid-19 on Wednesday, is developing mild symptoms of the disease, Health Minister Ximena Garzón confirmed to Efe on Thursday.

The official recalled that the government official held a series of meetings with people from different sectors in recent days as part of the protests against the cost of living, led by the indigenous movement, which began on Monday, June 13.

Garzón commented that the presidency is still performing antigen tests on those entering, but “maybe one of the people was a healthy carrier and the test was false negative.”

“We know that yesterday he woke up with a few symptoms, generally unwell, sore throat, stuffy nose, but as the day went on he got better and we hope he recovers soon. . Symptoms are mild.” Garzón said in an interview with Efe.

Lasso, 66, had both covid shots, the first booster and he was due to get the second one between May and June, but the political situation prevented him from getting the fourth dose.

“In most cases, when vaccinated, the symptoms disappear within about a week. We hope this will also happen with our president. commented Garzón, insisting that “The image that develops is sweet.”

On Wednesday, the president departed from Carondelet Palace, the seat of the Ecuadorian government, which also houses the president’s residence, where he will comply with the corresponding medical protocols.

Garzón said the president was first infected with the disease, which has already affected more than 900,000 people, according to official records verified by PCR.


Lasso was waiting for the response of the President of Conaie, Leonidas Iza, to attend a dialogue from which the indigenous leader is avoiding himself for the moment, not trusting that the government is committed to fully respecting the specifications of his organization.

Among the demands are the reduction and freezing of the prices of all fuels, the control of the prices of essential products, the government’s commitment that state enterprises will not be privatized and that they will not extend or grant new mining and oil concessions in the Amazon.

The protests come after Lasso’s first year in office, which has focused primarily on immunization and economic recovery.

The Minister explained that at present, 87.24% of the population over three years old have received the first dose against covid-19, while 83.58% have completed the second.

The third dose has 38.47% and the second booster dose 18.24%. In total, more than 35.7 million doses were applied.

According to Garzón, there has been an increase in positives over the past three weeks, which she attributes to seasonal issues, but she was concerned about the effects the crowds in recent days could have due to social protests.

Regarding the agglomeration in the demonstrations, the minister anticipated that “there may be a rebound in cases”.

“We are worried because there are thousands of people,” he said, noting that, for example, at Central University there are 4,000 people who do not have adequate shelter. and that on Wednesday “they still didn’t have a latrine, enough water to maintain handwashing hygiene,” he concluded.

Source metroecuador.com

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