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Guardian of corporate welfare

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The Guardian is a character from Greek mythology who guards the (transcendent) access door to certain worlds. Today, this metaphorical figure defines the people who care for others, monitor or watch over the protection of something and are becoming increasingly important in everyday life. Traditionally it is a critical position in team sports and it is becoming so in companies. Psychologists, nutritionists, sleep specialists, fitness trainers and other professionals form the team that contributes to well-being in a company.

That wellbeing company breaks through, and Juice It responds to companies’ need to take care of their employees, their most important asset. Therefore, it offers a segmented service based on the needs of the company and each of its members. The model he developed has three pillars: emotional health, nutritional health, and physical health. The reason is simple: a person’s well-being is a 360º concept that encompasses the physical and the emotional. Both feed each other, they are so connected that the origin of a physical problem can be the manifestation of an emotional one.

In the last five years, the workplace model has shifted from one based on risk prevention to one focused on health promotion. The goal of the program wellbeing de Savia focuses on maintaining personal and collective health. Retaining them, in turn, helps companies retain talent and increase productivity. A few years ago, companies that wanted to position themselves as reference companies included plans related to diet or physical activity, but their impact on reducing health risks and well-being was very limited. The Savia model goes one step further, it is not universal, but is based on the specific needs of each company and each of its employees.

In the event of mental or physical problems, employees have access to various specialists, such as a physiotherapist.Shutterstock

A solution for every need, that is the idea of ​​the Savia programs. A worker may be wondering: In addition to exercising, can I improve my diet to help control stress? The answer is yes, the nutritional health program focuses on physical and emotional well-being and includes anti-stress nutrition, as well as sports or heart nutrition, and healthy recipes. The same idea applies to the other pillars of well-being, physical and emotional health. In this last area, companies are offered workshops for specific groups related to employee well-being (resilience, managing emotions, etc.).

the kind wellbeing Savia’s corporate structure is directly reflected in some very important parameters in the workplace. Having a health officer, a psychologist, a nutritionist or a physiotherapist at your side automatically means less absenteeism, an improved working atmosphere and increased team motivation. Employees are observed to have greater stress tolerance and job satisfaction, as well as an improvement in healthy habits and an increase in personal and family well-being. Improving the company’s image and its results is a consequence of the well-being of each of its employees.

He knows all sides of the coin in detail.

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Wellbeing is measurable

Healthy companies promote a healthy lifestyle and instill this belief in their employees. These are companies that include in their company profile wellbeing of its workforce and encourages them actively and continuously in order to better achieve their goals. In an environment as competitive as the business environment, it is essential to measure the achievement of these goals, so it is equally important to be able to assess the tools used to achieve them. Savia offers this possibility through data analysis. The information on the health parameters of each employee is anonymous, since the company only has aggregated data in accordance with European regulations.

Healthy companies incorporate the “wellbeing” of their employees into their company profile and promote it in order to better achieve their goals. Savia offers this possibility through data analysis

With this valuable information, it is possible to predict and prevent possible health problems. Anticipation is vital in many areas of the business world, and Savia empowers organizations to stay at the forefront of everything related to the well-being of their employees.

That wellbeing It is a global concept where the closest environment is important, family or friends, but also the workplace where a person develops professionally and personally. Savia provides answers in this area, providing companies with guardians of the physical and emotional health of each employee. It appears in our lives every day. In team sports, in private property, in the human organism: In order to preserve what is most precious and valuable, you need a good guardian.

The everyday life of a guardian of emotional health

Estefanía Villanueva, Psychologist at Savia Mapfre Salud.
Estefanía Villanueva, Psychologist at Savia Mapfre Salud.

The activity of the psychologist is increasingly in demand because it plays a key role in wellbeing Businesses, along with other wellness professionals such as nutritionists, recovery specialists, or fitness trainers. Estefanía Villanueva, Psychologist at Savia Mapfre Salud, has been helping for 20 years to manage stressful situations typical of the work environment, managing emotions and cases of conflict (harassment, etc.). How does your work at Savia benefit companies?

• Focuses its activities on prevention. “It’s important to manage work-related stress, especially to avoid burnout,” says Estefanía Villanueva. Intervening before the problem occurs benefits everyone, the employee and the company.

• Helps form healthy habits. “The working day must have a beginning and an end,” says the psychologist. The job can be very professional and involve the whole worker, but work is not everything in life “because mental health needs to be maintained”.

• Improves productivity. Well-being is an investment for the company and health insurance for the employee. “Stress doesn’t make a person more efficient, on the contrary, it can lead to repeated absenteeism and work terminations,” explains the psychologist.

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