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Greeicy and Evaluna Defy Motherhood: Lessons They Taught As Newbies Despite Criticism

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Greeicy and evaluate They are not only two of the most famous and successful singers of the moment, they also have something else in common, and that is that they They became mothers for the first time.

celebrities They welcomed their first children this year and it hasn’t been easy for them to be mothers, but they have done the best job.

unfortunately so much Greeicy like Evaluna, have received cruel criticism for their way of raising, showing the worst of networks.

However, they have shown that they don’t care what they say, and defy motherhood, imposing its rules and forms.

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The motherhood lessons Greeicy and Evaluna gave despite criticism

Taking the kids to concerts is not bad

Indigo was born into a family of musicians, so it’s inevitable that her parents won’t take her to their rehearsals and concerts.

However, Evaluna received lots of criticism for “exposing” your baby to such loud noise, something a good mom shouldn’t do according to her followers.

But, Eva Luna He did it with all the responsibility in the world, putting special headphones on his little girl so the noise wouldn’t hurt her.

Every mother raises her son as she wants

Greeicy sparked controversy for the love she gives to her baby Kai, and it is that they accused her of being a bad mom for “shaking” her little one in a video she posted on the networks.

many have said that she didn’t love her son, so she came out to clarify that of course she loved her baby, only that She was a “raw” mom.

The famous clarified that she has a way of cuddling her little one, and that doesn’t make her a bad mother.

Exposing them to nature is not bad

Greeicy just published a photos of his son in nature without clothes, and it got him thousands of critics, because they claimed he exposed him to mosquitoes.

However the children are in nature it’s not bad, even less that they are naked, and the famous made it clear that she would never do anything that would put her little one in danger.

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Every mother carries her baby as she prefers

Evaluna has also been criticized for the way she carries her daughter, telling him that he has to charge it properly.

However, even though she is a new mom, She knows what she’s doing, and just because she’s holding her little girl differently doesn’t mean she’s doing it wrong. everyone can do it as they see fit, as long as it doesn’t harm the baby.

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